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The Breakup Haircut: Why the Urge to Cut Your Hair Post-Breakup Isn’t All Bad

That instinct to create a before and after comes from somewhere.

No matter how monumental or seemingly inconsequential it may feel, going through a breakup is one of the most universal experiences out there. Everyone from your mom to your BFF to the woman behind the counter at your corner bodega can relate and has at point experienced a breakup. Almost as universal, the breakup haircut is the balm that soothes those post-relationship blues. Capable of defining a clear before and after to this chapter, the breakup haircut is a visual marker for your change in status. It can also serve as a bit of a power play. This is because it gives you some control in a situation that might feel wildly unmanageable.

The Breakup Haircut

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Society has finally starting doing away with stereotypical gender norms. This means long locks are no longer the definition of femininity. What was a revelation a century ago is now the norm: women can rock short hair, too. The breakup haircut echoes that declaration and is guaranteed to have you feeling sexy and empowered. There’s nothing like the rush of a dramatic hair change to have you feeling excited and hopeful. We don’t need to tell you that those are two emotions that can be hard to come by at this stage of the game.

Not only will your breakup haircut give you a fresh dose of confidence, but it will also always give you something to focus on that isn’t your ex’s Instagram feed. Play with your new length and experiment with different styles to find a look that best suits you. Try a playful and edgy style by working Bed Head by TIGI Wax Stick through your strands. This wax-like product will give your hair that gravity-defying edginess.

Whether you decide to take the leap and get a breakup haircut or you opt to keep your locks long, rest assured that this too shall pass. And remember that there’s nothing that a little retail therapy in the haircare department to soothe those post-breakup wounds.

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