Get Sporty this Spring with these Athleisure-Forward Hairstyles

We're having a Spring fling with these sporty styles.

It’s time to amp up athleisure looks for spring. We are so excited for tank tops, biker shorts, and fresh sneakers, and they need the perfect sporty spring hairstyles to complete the look. These looks are perfect for warmer weather because they tend to focus on an updo element or incorporate a hat for sun protection. A sporty spring look certainly doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact, the messier and less effort the more authentic the style.

Here are some sporty Spring hairstyles we’ve seen on the runway that we can’t wait to try out ourselves! Check them out:

sporty spring hairstyles slick back
Slicked and sexy. Photo credit:

1. Slicked Back

The slick back style is a classic for every season, but it’s particularly great for Spring because it keeps your hair back if it’s hot out and it tames flyaways and frizz if it’s raining. You can choose how intense you want to make this look depending on how much hair gel you use. Take a few dollops of TRESemme TRES Two Ultra Firm Control Gel and run it through your roots. Comb your hair back to create a pushed back style that will hold throughout the day.

sporty spring hairstyles leather sports cap
Adding a leather sports cap to your look is def a good idea. Photo Credit:

2. Leather Sports Cap

Give your athleisure look a touch of high fashion with a faux-leather sports cap to finish the style. We love how luxurious this look is and how it adds an extra touch of femininity while still offering a sporty, protective finish. Turn to this look on a day when you’ll definitely need some shade or if your hair is hair too dirty to show your roots in public.

sporty spring hairstyles cornrows
Cornrows will always be a fave sporty chic style. Photo credit:

3. Cornrows

If you don’t want to worry about creating a new sporty style every morning, then go for the cornrows. This style is always fire and goes with every athleisure look under the sun. Keep your braids healthy and moisturized with a leave-in conditioner. The Good Stuff Complete Repair Balm will make sure your hair stays strong and hydrated all day after you apply it–and you don’t need to wash it out so no worrying about getting frizz from wetting your style.


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