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Hairdos for Long Hair: Easy Styles for Every Day of The Week

Like meal-prep, but for *glam*. 

In a perfect world, our entire week would be planned out to T. Meals prepped, daily outfits organized and hairstyle ideas ready to go. This perfect world is highly attainable: We’re helping you long-haired gals plan your hairstyles with a schedule that maps out the best hairdos for long hair now that we’re in a weird fugue stay-at-home state.

This is a fun challenge to try if you’ve been in a bit of a styling slump from hanging out at home. Use this guide to try something new every day to feel refreshed and back to your regular routine. From accent braids to low-key looks to end the week, here’s your day-to-day hairstyle plan. You can thank us later!

Hairdos for Long Hair: 7 Looks To Try This Week

hairdos for long hair with accent braid
Hairdos for long hair: Quick accent braid for Sunday. Photo credit:

Sunday: Simple & Chic Accent Braid

Self-care Sunday tends to involve binge-watching your Netflix lineup while deep conditioning, and that’s totally cool. For your lounge look, give your hair a quick and fuss-free update. Try this chic accent braid style. It’s a fun and simple look that’ll make you feel like you *tried.*

hairdos for long hair blowout
Hairdos for long hair: Start Monday off with a fresh blowout. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Monday: Fresh Blowout

There’s no better feeling than starting off the week with a fresh blowout, amirite? Create a sleek ‘do by using our blowout hairstyle tutorial.

hairdos for long hair beehive
Hairdos for long hair: Half-up for Trendy Tuesdays

Tuesday: Trendy Half-Up Style

Planning your hairstyles for the week should be fun. For “Trending Tuesday,” try out a hairstyle that’s reigning supreme in the beauty world, but pick something that’s easy to muster during the wee hours of the morning. To recreate this half-up hairstyle, divide your hair into two sections and secure the top with a hair elastic. Set the look by using some of TRESEemmé Total Volume Hair Spray.

hairdos for long hair ponytail
Hairdos for long hair: Midweek Pony Photo credit: Allyson Allapont

Wednesday: The Mid-Week Pony

Hump-day blues can really hit hard. So hard you wake up wishing your hair and makeup didn’t need any of your assistance. Here’s where no-makeup makeup looks come into play along with the hairstyle to match: Pair your fresh-faced glow with a simple mid-ponytail hairstyle. If you need a little mid-week pick-me-up before styling, refresh your hair with Suave Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo.

bun updo braided back hairdos for long hair
Hairdos for long hair: Try another trend Thursdays Photo credit:

Thursday: Try Another Trend

Almost the weekend and your throw-your-hair-up game is coming on strong. No one has to know you’re secretly counting down until the week is finally over. Pull yourself together girlfriend and gather your hair up into a chic updo hairstyle. How about a fancy (yet easy) back-braided style for a little challenge?

wavy hairdos for long hair
Hairdos for long hair: Wavy Fridays Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Friday: Wave into the Weekend

Time to start unwinding and prepping for the chill weekend vibes ahead, but that doesn’t mean you can just roll out of bed (or look like you did). Let your hair down and add some polish with the help of some hair serum, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum. Use a curling wand to then create a set of effortless-looking hair waves.

blonde ponytail hairdos for long hair
Hairdos for long hair: Off-duty ponytail Photo credit:

Saturday: Off-Duty Cool Pony

Whoo-hoo, it’s the weekend! Time for some off-duty style. This is one of our favorite hairdos for long hair. Decompress and chill! Throw your hair into a super low ponytail and call it a day.

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