10 Fun and Trendy Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Hot child in the city, this one's for you.

Women who are born with thick hair have basically won the genetic lottery. More is more is more when it comes to hair, and you can never have too much of a good thing, especially when that good thing is a lush, thick mane. Looking for short hairstyles for thick hair shouldn’t be a problem for those brave enough to make the cut, as numerous options abound.

A fresh, new short ’do isn’t just a fun update; it’s also a way to stay on-trend while making the most of what you have. Check out a few of our favorite styles for short thick hair:

1. Lob

short haircuts for thick hair bob
Spice up your bob cut.

Those with thicker, wavy hair will really maximize the inherent texture in their hair type, as lobs tend to offer a lot of movement. Take the cut to the next level with a fun braided headband style.

2. Angled lob

graduation hairstyles graduated bob
You can’t ever go wrong with a cap-friendly bob haircut. Photo credit: indigtalimages.com

This look is characterized as being shorter in the back and longer towards the face, reaching just a few inches past the chin. This sleek, trés chic hairdo is easiest to wear for girls with straight hair, as the angles look sharpest when blow-dried or ironed sleek. Voilà, instant fashion-editor locks!

3. ’90s bob

short hairstyles for thick hair 90s bob
The ’90s bob. Photo credit: Indigital

Remember that cut you got for your yearbook picture, where everything was all one length? Yeah, it’s back and taking names. The one-length bob, usually reaching between the ear and chin, flatters women with straight, thick hair and an oval or round face. Achieve this silky and full-body finish by washing with Suave Professionals Collagen Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner.

4. Asymmetrical chop

confident short hairstyles asymmetrical
Flip it out for added interest. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Similar to the angled lob, but this one has sides that are unequal in length. This is best worn with a kicky side part, or an imprecise middle part with a slight flip on the ends. Popular in Asian countries (where a narrower, V-shaped jawline is the ideal), this cut camouflages harsher angles and literally will put your best face forward.

5. Cleopatra bangs

short hairstyles for long faces
Create a signature look for yourself with a blunt bob. Photo credit: Dvora

Can you say check meowt? This iconic chopped ’do popularized by none other than the Queen of the Nile showcases an in-your-face blunt fringe—meaning thick hair is the best texture to keep a cut like this on its best behavior. Best for straight (or straightened) hair. Although, we like how a bit of a wave can offer a rebellious, punky touch.

6. Shoulder-length layers

short hairstyles for thick hair shoulder length layers
Soft, romantic layers are this year’s “The Rachel.” Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Think of “The Rachel,” but quieter and shorter. This hairstyle is ideal for heart-shaped faces. Best worn with some bedhead texture, it looks particularly pretty with a slicked part and a flip at the tips where the layers end.

7. Full-bodied pixie

short hairstyles for thick hair full pixie
The full-bodied pixie. Photo credit: Indigital

Yes, these kinds of short hairstyles for thick hair can be done. It’s ideal if you have anywhere from straight to wavy hair. Ask your stylist for some longer lengths at your crown. Style by either piecing the bang area to the side or blow-drying upwards as you create the female version of a quiff.

8. Cropped afro

short hairstyles for thick hair cropped pixie
The cropped pixie. Photo credit: Indigital

This is a style that’s been gaining a lot of social media mileage due to its ease of wear and street-style cred. Ask for a baby afro that’s fuller at the crown, and which tapers ever so slightly towards the neckline for a chicer grow-out. Maintain moisture and happy curls with a leave-in product designed specifically for curls, like Emerge My Mane BFF Leave-In Conditioner.

9. Updated Boy Cut

short hairstyles for long faces feminine boy cut
The smooth boy cut is a masculine-feminine study in contrasts. Photo credit: Indigitalimages.com

Another throwback from the ’90s! This version now comes equipped with more democratic layers on the top that can be romantically swept to one side and tucked behind your ears. Ladies with straight or wavy hair and a round, oval or square-shaped face look especially fierce with this cropped style.

10. Add Some Balayage

short haircuts for thick hair balayage
Balayage adds so much depth and texture to your cut. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

Giving your hair some balayage highlights is a great way to add depth and texture to your short cut. It’s great for thicker hair types because it sections off hair, creating some space and the illusion that your hair isn’t as thick.