Interview with Brianne Manz of Stroller in the City

5 Minutes with Brianne Manz of Stroller in the City

Signature blowouts help keep this Mama's look in check.

Being a mom is no joke. But there are ways to figure out a fine line of balance as you meld your old life with your new with kids. Take it from Blogger Brianne Manz of Stroller in the City who found a way to showcase her passion for fashion, travel, adventures of living in NYC and all things mommy on her blog. Whether she is on an adventure with her kids, traveling or hosting an event, one aspect of her life that is always in check is her hair. As someone with really long hair, she is often seen around NYC with her signature blowout hair that’s not only a part of her look, but also allows her to have a hairstyle that’s relevantly low-maintenance. Read on to learn more about Manz and her hair as seen in Stroller in the City

Interview with Brianne Manz of Stroller in the City 

Interview with Brianne Manz of Stroller in the City

All Things Hair: What does your typical hair routine look like?

Brianne Manz: When I am not pulling my hair back in a ponytail, you can usually find me getting a blowout at DryBar once a week. Usually their blowouts last me a good five to six days.

All Things Hair: What is your one indulgent hair treatment that you have to get?

Brianne Manz: I love getting keratin treatments on my hair, I try to do them twice a year.

All Things Hair: What is a hair product must have that you always have in your hair?

Brianne Manz: I love dry shampoo, it definitely helps to keep my blowouts last a little longer.

All Things Hair: How do you wear your hair when you’re not working?

Brianne Manz: When I’m not working, I usually keep my hair in a ponytail or a bun.

All Things Hair: What hairstyle would you love to try on your hair but have never had?

Brianne Manz: Since my hair has always been super long, I would love to go short, but do think I have the guts to do it.

All Things Hair: What hair color would you love to try one day and why?

Brianne Manz: All BLONDE! The last time I was all blonde I was a baby, I would love to see if I could pull that hair color off now.

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