hairstyles for older women: the lob

Older Women Hairstyles: 5 Styles to Try Out

Trendy cuts for older women.

Looking for a new hairstyle to try out in 2017? This is typically seen as short haircuts in older women, but we are here to tell you that there are tons of modern older women hairstyles out there that can be age-appropriate and trendy! Hooray. For some instant inspiration, we’re sharing five of our favorite looks ranging from the pixie (we had to) to ever-trendy lob/bangs combo. Read on and get inspired to try out something new this year.

Modern Older Women Hairstyles

older women hairstyles: the lob
A great cut if you want to retain some length.

1. Lob and Bangs

If you still want to have some length, but not that much, the lob haircut may be the perfect fit for you. We love how this style is paired with wispy bangs as it defines your facial features.

older women hairstyles: curly top
Embrace your curls with this fun hairstyle.

2. Curly Top

Nature texture is so in, and when you are older there is something so glorious about finally embracing it! We love this natural-haired look with short curls that comfortably sits on your head. For easy/breezy styling, apply some mousse, like the Nexxus New York Salon Care Styling Mousse Plus, to your hair post-shower, air-dry and go about your day.

older women hairstyles pixie
A short crop that we love!

3. Pixie

Power to the pixie! This classic shot haircut isn’t going away anytime soon and we are so happy about that. As one of the quintessential older women hairstyles, the pixie cut is key if you want a low-key/super minimal look that’s still pretty stylish. To define and shape your pixie, use some of the S Factor by TIGI Creamy Molding Wax.

hairstyles for older women: updo
Pull it up and go!

4. Updo

Another look to try out if you have some length is the updo. There are tons of variations on this style–from the French twist to updos for wavy hair–that are sure to suit your personality and sense of style.

older women hairstyles: bowl cut
A modern face-framing bowl cut.

5. Bowl Cut

The bowl cut has seen its way through history in the 1950s, and today in the modern iteration that’s been seen in both men and women. We also love this hairstyle on older women that accentuates the face, while being super chic and minimal.

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