Trending Hairstyles for 2017: Hair Interview with Michael Sparks and Heather Cie

Trending Hairstyles for 2017

Which trend are you dying to try?

If you’re anything like us, you’re always on the hunt for some hair inspiration and ideas to guide you in the right direction when you want to switch up your look or hair color every now and again. This is especially prevalent during the new year as trending hairstyles for 2017 have already been popping up all over our Instagram feeds. For some insight into the latest trending hairstyles, we spoke with Michael Sparks and Heather Cie, co-owners of the Cie Sparks Salon in Los Angeles. As a head stylist, Sparks is renowned for his ability to create face-framing layers, creating hairstyles that are both voluminous and light whereas head colorist, Cie is know for creating color on some of the world’s most celebrated actresses and fashion icons! Awesome, right?! Read on for our insider hair interview that might just help you find the next ‘it’ cut or shade.

Trending Hairstyles for 2017: Hair Interview with Michael Sparks and Heather Cie

trending hairstyles for 2017: Michael Sparks and Heather Cie
The gorgeous Cie Sparks Salon. Photo courtesy of Cie Sparks Salon

All Things Hair:  What do you think will be some hair trends that we will be seeing in 2017?

Michael Sparks: In 2016, the light fade on men was popular and I think now guys will start to rock shaved heads.

Heather Cie: I think the ombré and platinum hair trend will slowly fade out, and a more natural approach to color will take over.

All Things Hair: What are some color trends that you loved in 2016?

Heather Cie: I saw a more natural approach to hair coloring. My clients were wanting a more sun-kissed look that would allow a better grow out and a better investment in their hair all around. I also had many clients embracing their natural red hair (which I loved).

trending hairstyles for 2017: tips from Michael Sparks and Heather Cie
Colorist Heather Cie working her magic. Photo courtesy of Cie Sparks Salon

All Things Hair: What is the best color treatment option for women to get, if they are new to color?

Heather Cie: Less is best. If a client is not graying, they could come in for a gloss to enrich their natural color. If they want highlights, then a sun kissed look is the best. Anything natural for virgin hair is the best bet.

All Things Hair: Tell us about your salon? What do you offer?

Michael Sparks: We are a high end salon located in the Malibu Country Mart that offers luxury haircutting/styling and hair color services to the community and the Los Angeles area. Cie Sparks Salon offers all the sophistication and allure of a high-end salon, with a full menu of services including haircuts, blowouts, extensions, color and highlights, as well as specialized conditioning, Keratin, and Brazilian treatments.

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