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Why You Should Consider Hair Perfume As A Scent-Boost This Summer

A long-lasting way to show off your favorite scent.

From my very first bottle of perfume to my most recent repurchase of my now-signature scent, I’ve heard different advice for where the best place to spray perfume is for long lasting effects. On my inner wrists, only on my clothes, on my jewelry and most recently: in my hair. Always protective of my strands and skeptical about putting just anything in them, I worried about the alcohol content in my perfume drying my hair out. The thought of my hair smelling like my favorite scent has been alluring, though. Enter: hair perfume. I had to learn more about one of the hottest trends of the season that’s not only safe for your hair but good for it too.

Why You Should Consider Hair Perfume

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Treat yourself to a hair perfume this summer.

There are a number of benefits you can expect from an effective hair perfume and the best of the best will offer them all. Firstly and most obviously is scent. Hair perfume comes in a range of scents and covers everything from sweet and flirty options to heavier and muskier scents. Traditionally feminine options, classically masculine, and unisex scents for those looking for something in between.

While most hair products today offer their own unique scent, there is something definitively sexy about strands that smell like something more intentional than whatever is at the top of the ingredient list in your favorite shampoo. Let this be the summer that you take your signature scent all the way up your strands for a truly all encompassing experience.

Next up, let’s talk hair protection. It’s no secret that the summer can be a trying time for our strands. Lots of sun exposure, getting in and out of chlorinated pools and any amount of time spent in salt water can all be cause for concern when you don’t protect your body in the right way.

And just like you make sure to apply SPF on your skin before the beach and heavily moisturize post-shower after, you have to do the same for your strands. Select hair perfumes on the market will give your strands UV protection so you’ll want to stash a bottle in your beach bag on the regular. Follow up after your shower with a leave-in conditioner like Suave Professionals Honey Infusion 10-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner to do the most to keep your hair in its best shape.

And lastly, you can write the purchase of a hair perfume off to an act of self-care. While I’m always of the opinion that anything with the word ‘perfume’ in it is excuse enough to be considered self-care, many hair perfumes will actually moisturize and add softness to your strands as they give you a scent-boost.

All in all, the best hair perfume will moisturize your strands, protect them from the sun and make your hair smell incredible, too. We love a multi-tasking product.

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