World Kissing Day: 5 Flirty Hairstyles to Get You that Kiss

It's World Kissing Day, here are some styles guaranteed to get you that smooch

Today is World Kissing Day, and we support any holiday that spreads the love! This day of smooches can be aimed at many people in your life, some kisses on the cheek for Mom and Dad or your best gal pal, a significant other or major crush! We encourage you to share the love and go for that kiss that you’ve been dying to give to the person you’ve had your eye on. We have gathered 5 of our favorite flirty hairstyles that are perfect for a date night you intend to end with a kiss. Hopefully these styles bring you some inspo and remember to make the most of World Kissing Day.

world kissing day curly and cute
Amp up your curls for a sweet style. Photo Credit:

1. Curly and Cute

Curly ringlets are so cute and dainty–they’re sure to give you that extra kissable look! Embrace your natural curls and give them a boost with Bed Head by TIGI Foxy Curls Mousse. This product will bring out the bounce in your curls and give you beautiful, date night tresses.

world kissing day fishtail
A messy fishtail gives off cool vibes.

2. Flirty Fishtail

We love a good fishtail, it’s simple to create but it looks complex and wild. If you’re up for the challenge, begin by creating a braid crown on both sides of your head and combine them to create a single, sultry fishtail. Feel free to add some extra distress by gently tugging at the braid to loosen some of the strands.

world kissing day top knot
The throw it up in a top knot to avoid hair in the way of your kiss!

3. Top Knot

If you can’t be bothered with overly complicates styles and adding in products, go for a top knot. This style looks great with box braids or dreads as it gives more volume to the bun. With your hair out of your face, you’ll be ready to plant one on your date!

world kissing day slicked side part
Keep it sleek and slick! Photo Credit:

4. Sleek Side Part

Get out of your comfort zone with this extreme side part that has been slicked to be extra sleek! Part your hair as far to the side as you like and then add in a generous amount of Nexxus Extra Hold Sculpting Gel. You can use your fingers to saturate your hair with the gel and create small twists in the strands for extra texture. this is a great way to tame frizz and achieve that sexy wet style.

world kissing day classic waves
The classic loose waves will never lead you astray.

5. Classic Waves

You can never ever go wrong with classic waves. This style will always be the perfect date night choice, it’s beautiful and adds texture to your locks without feeling overly styled. We recommend adding more separation between your hair in the curling iron as your wrap it around. Keeping more space between your hair as its wrapped around the barrel will give you looser, more effortless curls. Finish the look of with Dove Style + Care Extra Hold Hairspray to ensure your loose waves last the entire date.




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