Growing Out Pixie Haircuts: 3 Must-Have Products You Need to Have

Consider it an investment. 

Somewhere in between the leap of faith it takes to cut your hair into a pixie, falling in love with your new style, falling out of love with it, and getting your beloved long hair back can be an awkward in-between stage that’s inevitable when growing out pixie haircuts. During this awkward growing out pixie stage, you might be tempted to give up on the process and simple embrace a lifetime of a short style. You can’t underestimate the discomfort that comes from hair that has you feeling less than confident. Finding the right products is key to making this transition as smooth as possible and getting your hair back to square one as soon as you can.

Growing Out Pixie Haircuts

growing out pixie red hair
This is the time to really experiment with your hair.

1. Take care of your roots and scalp.

Accelerate your hair growth process by reading up on ways to take care of your strands and make them grow faster. Make sure to give your roots proper attention and consider swapping out your usual wash and care system for the TRESemmé Purify and Replenish Shampoo and the TRESemmé Purify and Replenish Conditioner. These products will remove buildup from any of the other products you’re using and ensure that your scalp stays healthy and nothing interrupts your hair growth process.


TRESemmé Purify & Replenish Shampoo

2. Take advantage of hairspray.

The Catwalk by TIGI Work It Hairspray is about to become your right hand man. Consider braiding the longer strands, combing the shorter ones up for a more avant-garde gravity-defying style, or combing everything back for a slicked-back look. Like when you have two weeks worth of laundry piled up that forces you to get creative with whatever clean clothes you have left? Consider this to be a similar situation and use this awkward length as a creative challenge.



Looking for how to style your pixie as it grows out? Check out this helpful chart that takes you through every stage of the process.