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Year In Review: 5 Hairstyle Trends I Loved from 2016

Allow one of these trends to inspire your look for 2017!

2016 has been one hell of a year, and when it comes to beauty trends, 2017 has some tough competition! This year we’ve come across some of the most incredible new hairstyle trends, and some blasts from the pasts. From shags, to rose gold hair, here are the hairstyles I loved from 2016.

Editors’ Picks: Hairstyle Trends I Loved from 2016

curly shag hairstyle trends
The shag hairstyle was one of the best hairstyles of 2016. Photo credit:

1. Shag Hairstyles

This year, I haven’t come across a shag hairstyle I didn’t like. The shag is the perfect look for the woman that’s into the undone hair trend with an edge. All it takes is a good wash and go routine, sea salt spray and some hair gel and you’re golden! Don’t believe me? Check out our shag hairstyle tutorial.

wet hair hairstyle trends
Try this sexy hairstyle to ring in the new year. Photo credit:

2. Wet Hair Trend

I’m pretty sure we all have heard our parents warn us not to go outside with wet hair. 2016, however, made a strong case for the look and it didn’t involve leaving your house with drenched hair. Try your hand at this trend to ring in 2017 with our wet hair trend tutorial.

crimp hair hairstyles
Try out the brushed out version of this vintage classic. Photo credit: Allyson Allapont

3. Crimped Hair

Talking about blast from the past! Crimps are back with a vengeance. For a modern spin on the style that was popular during the ’80s, women are wearing crimped hair with a fluffy twist and here’s how you can get in on it, too.

frizzy hairstyles street style hairstyle trends
Embrace frizz and pile on the texture! Photo credit:

4. Frizzy Hairstyle Trends

2016 was the year of embracing every hair issue you thought was a problem before, like frizz. On the runways and spotted along the streets, women strutted their stuff with gorgeous frizzy hairdos. If you want to give the look a go, try out one of these cool frizzy hair looks.

rose gold hair hairstyle trends
Trend to try again in 2017: Rose Gold Hair. Photo credit:

5. Rose Gold Hair

Amongst the many (and I mean many) hair color and hairstyle trends that were popular in 2016, the rose gold hair trend is my favorite. A cross between pink and blonde, this hue made it easier for those who just can’t decide if they want pale reddish purple hair or full on light colored hair. Here are some of the rose gold hair ideas we all loved here at All Things Hair.

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