What’s In My Hair Today: Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Anti-Humidity Hairspray

Allison | 14 December 2016

Because frizz is unwelcome all year long.

You’d think that you’d only need anti-humidity hairspray in the summer, right? Not in my book. Although blocking humidity in hot months is totally necessary, a good anti-humidity hairspray is useful all year long. The best thing about these hairsprays is that they stop frizz. So it’s not just about humidity: It’s also about stopping frizz caused by mist, fog, and snow, a.k.a. winter weather! Read on to see why I love anti-humidity hairspray, regardless of the season:

Anti-Humidity Hairspray in Winter: A Surprising Staple

allison schmidt anti-humidity hairspray
Photo credit: Allison Schmidt

Hairspray History

I’ve never been a big hairspray user (I’m sure I still have a can under my sink that I got in high school.). But after getting bangs, I quickly found out that I need it—like really, really need it. Now, hairspray is required if I’m going outside. Let’s just say if I go without, my bangs will be fuzz!

You see, I live in New Orleans. And even though cold months are less so, it’s still pretty darn humid! I thought fall would be a good time to get bangs because of the low humidity. I just didn’t expect how they would react to any moisture in the air; I’ll go out and be in frizz city.

Bad Hair Day Protection

This is where Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Anti-Humidity Hairspray comes into play. This stuff is great at stopping frizz. It also keeps my bangs flexible, not stiff! I just lightly mist my bangs before going outside. It seems like magic, but the frizz never happens!


I’m taking it with me when I go up north for Christmas, as I think the snow and wind will also have a frizz-causing effect. Luckily, because of this hairspray, I can protect myself from weather-induced bad hair days.

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