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The Artsy Fringe Bridal Hair Trend We’re Digging

An unconventional fringe style for your wedding day.

There’s no better feeling than doing your wedding the exact way you want. Who follows tradition anymore? Okay, maybe people still do stick to traditional weddings but there are ways you can put your own twist on your wedding whether it’s a non-traditional hairstyle, gown, wedding theme, to make it memorable and reflect your personal style. We can help you in the hair department for sure with the artsy fringe  — a fun way to style your bangs for your wedding day.

This bridal season, we have come across very non-traditional fringe hairstyles on the bridal runways. This artsy fringe hairstyle is one of our favorite looks at the moment. Designers are challenging you to give your bangs a fun twist for your big day. Are you up for it? Read on below to see any of these artsy fringe style can suite your wedding festivities:

Wedding Hair Trend: The Artsy Fringe

artsy fringe: gelled down bangs
Curtain call. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Curtain Bangs

Say hello to the new spin on curtain bangs. Instead of just parting your bangs down the center to give it the curtain effect, take it up a notch and gel it down to your forehead in the most creative way possible. To create the look, use a gel like Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel to sculpt your fringe in the shape of a set of drapes.

artsy fringe: gelled down
Turn your fringe into this romantic spiral style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. The Loop

We’re obsessed with the spiral effect of this fringe. Recreating the look is much easier than it looks. Apply a generous amount of TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel to your bangs, then pull out one section of hair and spiral the ends upward onto your forehead. Continue this process for the rest of your fringe and allow your hair to dry. To add shine, you can finish your style with Catwalk by TIGI Camera Ready Shine Spray.

artsy fringe: the swoop
The new side-swept look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. The Swoop

This look is a more subtle take on the artsy fringe trend. If you want to wear a deep side part hairstyle for your wedding but want to try something a little different, try this iteration of the look. Swoop your hair back, or place it along the frame of your face. Apply gel to your hair then spray some water onto a hairbrush to smoothen your bangs across your face. Take the end of a rat-tail comb to separate your bangs to create a space in between and allow your bangs to dry in place.


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