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Blast From The Past: Create Retro Waves With These 4 Essential Products

Party like it's the Roaring 20s in these retro waves. 

This year, just about everyone is obsessing over throwback looks. From bohemian braids to grungy faux hawks, everybody seems to be giving their own unique twists to the styles of yesteryear, and we’re loving it. One style that really seems to be trending are retro waves. This 1920’s glamour style gives your look a sophisticated and elegant flare that makes it perfect for any major event in your life. From weddings to prom nights and everything in between, this glossy waved look is guaranteed to get heads turning.

If you’re struggling on creating this look, and you don’t want to pay heavy price at the hair salon, don’t fret! We have some tips and trick with these 4 essential products to create the ultimate retro waves. So, keep your style on-point all night long with this quick guide on creating these waves.

Create Retro Waves With these 4 Products

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Learn how to create these elegant retro waves with these 4 products.

First off, you’re going to want to give your hair some body and volume. In order to give your waves a fuller look, you’re going to want to grab Nexxus Exxpand+ Volumizing Whip. This hair thickening mousse is infused with minerals and silicone to give your hair a smooth, buoyant finish while taming any frizz and fly-aways that get in your way. First, shampoo and condition your hair as usual in the shower, then apply a small amount of mousse into towel-dried hair to get the most out of this product.

Now, you’re going to want to do some actual styling. To create these waves, you’re going to have to curl your hair first. To protect your hair from any heat damage while taming any frizz and conditioning your locks, use the Dove Style+Care Smooth & Shine Heat-Protection Spray.

After curling, brush out your curls until they become loose waves and create sections. Tease each section with an all-purpose comb to give your look more fullness and body, and manipulate your tresses with your comb to exaggerate your waves. You should be brushing your waves in the direction they are going in to create a more exaggerated look. The result should be “C” shaped waves going down your locks.

Once you’re done combing, grab some duck bill clips and clip your locks in the open end of your C-shaped waves. Only clip the waves between the root and the shaft so your ends stay voluminous and full. Now, grab any lightweight hairspray and spritz your hair in order to keep your style in control and held in place all day long. We recommend using Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray for a no-crunch hold that will last all day long.

Allow your hairspray to set and dry for a few minutes, and then unclip your locks. Slightly separate your waves to give it a fuller, voluminous look. Then, finish off your style by giving it a glamorous, healthy sheen. To create a sheen-filled look, grab some Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum, and apply a small amount to your palms and smooth it into your tresses. And voilà: your retro waves are ready to take on the day!

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