25 New Hairstyles to Check Out for Major Inspiration

Check out the latest hairstyles for women and find the best one for you. Looking for ideas for a new haircut? We've got you covered in that department, too. 

If you’re anything like us, you’re checking out the latest hairstyles of the season and you’re a little overwhelmed by all the new hair trends. To help you out, we’ve created a collection of the best new hairstyles and new haircut ideas to help you narrow down the options. Click through our gallery of hairstyle trends and keep reading below to learn how to create each of these trendy hairstyles. This list includes both the best haircuts and best hairstyles so can you cover both in one easy read and be all set for the rest of the season. Keep in mind that “the best hairstyle for me”might look different for everyone, so comb through to find the best option for you. Here are 25 of the latest hairstyles we’re loving for inspiration:

25 New Hairstyles

new hairstyles messy half up brunette
Balance a messier look with streamlined makeup.

1. Messy Half-Up Style

If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “I need a new hairstyle” then this might be the perfect look for you. This look hones in on one of the biggest hair trends of the season: textured and messy strands. Use a teasing comb to achieve this all-over texture and pin the top layer of hair back for an easy half-up style.

new hairstyles teased bun
There’s no such thing as too much volume. Opt for a style that works for any one of the latest haircuts.

2. Teased Bun

Keeping an eye out for popular hairstyles for women in fashion in particular? A quick skim through any top fashion magazine will show that this chic and messy hair trend is huge this season. This new hairstyle is proof that there’s no such thing as too much volume.

new hairstyles mermaid waves
Learn this curling iron trick and you’ll be set for life with one of the best hair styles out there.

3. Mermaid Waves

Want to know the experts’ secret to creating the perfect mermaid waves every time? Wrap small sections of hair around a 1 1/2 inch curling iron, but make sure to leave the end off of the iron to keep it nice and straight. When you unwind the curl from around the iron, tug it down to loosen the curl and then let it cool.

new hairstyles messy bun
An office-appropriate version of your favorite style.

4. The New Messy Bun

If you need a new hairstyle but are not quite ready to retire your old favorites just yet, you’ll want to check out the new messy bun. This is a new take on an old classic and streamlines an otherwise too messy hairstyle enough to make it office-appropriate. Create a messy bun as you normally would but use a few bobby pins to pin the stray hairs down around the base of the bun. Spritz Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray over the finished look to hold it in place.

new hairstyles messy long brunette texture
This season is all about lots of texture and you’ll want to learn how to create this look if you’re into the newest hair trends.

5. Textured Strands

One of the latest hair trends we saw all over the runways at NYFW this season was textured hair. This is a look that works for every hair type and texture, and we’re definitely big fans of a D.I.Y. approach. Spray Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray into damp hair to accentuate your hair’s natural texture. Next, let your hair air dry and use a 1-inch curling iron to define stray curls.

new hairstyles natural mousse curls
Find the mousse that keeps your curls happy. The latest new haircuts for women are catered to each individual’s texture!

6. Moussed Curls

The most popular hairstyles of this decade are also the best hairstyles for women who want to let their natural texture take center stage. Some of the best haircuts for women with curly hair include short layers that allow the curls to spring up. Do some research on the best hair stylist before you get your curls cut, and pair one of these new hair cuts with TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mousse for extra defined curls.

new hairstyles pinned bun
Twist and pinit’s as easy as that. This is the best hairstyle for women who are on the go.

7. The Pinned Bun

Looking for an on the go style that’s easy to create and still looks polished? This is the best hair look for you. Twist your hair up into a loose bun at the back of your head and use bobby pins to hold the style into place. The results are effortless and chic without being uncomfortable.

new hairstyles short bangs black hair
Pair short bangs with a modern edgy cut and don’t forget that new style haircuts are important, too.

8. Short Bangs

These trendy bangs paired with an edgy shoulder-brushing haircut are enough of a reason to entertain a new haircut, too. New haircuts (and trendy haircuts for that matter) are always a good idea if you’re looking to change up your look.

new hairstyles side bangs
Styled side bangs are in and at the top of the “trendy hair cuts” list.

9. Modern Side Bangs

Comb your side bangs into a uniformed swoop with the help of stronghold hairspray. Think of this new hair trend as an updated way to wear a favorite old look.

new hairstyles side braid blonde bangs
Let this be the year you learn how to create the perfect braid and get in on one of 2017’s hottest haircut trends.

10. Simple Side Braid

Full bangs and long layers are one of the best new haircuts for you to try this season. Pair it up with a simple side braid to give yourself the feeling of a new hairstyle. Sweep your braid to the side and pull a few pieces out to soften what might otherwise be a harsher look.

new hairstyles tucked back brunette
Go for a street style-inspired look with a style that works on any of the best new haircuts.

11. Tuck it Back

Go for a NYFW street style-inspired look by tucking your hair back behind your ears and shoulders.

new hairstyles two braids hat blonde
Revive your favorite schoolgirl look with one of the hottest hair trends of the season.

12. Two Braids

Give this childhood classic a modern twist by adding a trendy hat over your two braids.

new hairstyles volume brushed back
This is how to look ‘done’ without really trying – learn how to nail fashion’s latest hairstyle trends starting with this look.

13. All Brushed Back

Keep your style fresh and fierce by teasing your hair and brushing it back away from your face. This new hair trend shows off your bright and fresh face while you hair cascades down your back.

new hairstyles blonde center part loose updo
This new hairstyle is perfect for a night when you have plans and are stuck trying to think of new hair ideas.

14. Loose Updo

Create a center part, leave a few pieces out in front, and pin your hair back into a loose updo for a super sultry and chic updo that’s perfect for a night out.

new hairstyles braided updo
This throwback style (filed under: trendy hairstyles for women) will earn you major trend points.

15. Braided Updo

Most new hair styles are really just old hairstyles making a comeback. Beauty trends are often like that – they go in and out and are revived in new and innovative ways. The latest hair styles in this department include this beautiful braided updo.

new hairstyles crimped half bun
Revive one of your favorite ’90s styles.

16. Crimped to Perfection

Revive classic ’90s style with this crimped half updo. Half-up styles like this made it to the top of the hot new hairstyles list over the course of 2017 for a reason. They’re easy to create and allow you to have that ‘cool girl’ vibe down pat.

new hairstyles curls brunette hair and hat
Pair cute curls with your favorite hat.

17. Tight Curls and a Hat

Follow our quick tutorial for how to become a pro with your curling iron and top your ringlets with your favorite hat.

new hairstyles curly half bun
Proof that this trendy look works for any hair type.

18. Curly Half-Up Bun

Another style to add to the “trendy hair styles” list. Tie half your curls up into a half-bun and tease the curls you left down for extra drama.

new hairstyles deep side part
Changing up your part is an easy way to create a whole new look if you’re not down to go for a new trendy haircut.

19. Deep Side Part

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I want a new hairstyle” but you’re not ready to commit to anything drastic then a simple change of part might be the best option for you.

new hairstyles flipped over blonde hair
One of the easiest hair hacks you’ll learn that works on all the newest haircuts.

20. Flip Your Hair Over

Similar to the last style, if you’re looking for high impact from a new hairstyle without any of the commitment then simply flip your hair over to one side for a fun and flirty look.

new hairstyles halo braid
This style only looks intricate but is actually easy to create and is one of the latest hairstyles we’re loving.

21. An Easy Halo Braid

Want to get in on the halo braid trend but find the style a little daunting? Experts suggest creating two three-strand braids, flipping them over each other and pinning them into place to fake a halo.

new hairstyles high bun
This latest hair style is an easy way to have a change of perspective.

22. High Bun

If you’re looking for the newest hairstyles that will give you a change of perspective, then you’ll want to try a super high bun.

new hairstyles high polished ponytail
Take it one step further (even if you’re avoiding the latest hair cuts).

23. Polished Ponytail

Take a classic high ponytail one step further by wrapping a lock of hair around the base of the ponytail. The results are chic and polished.

new hairstyles high simple ponytail
In the market for a new haircut for long hair? Try this easy style post-haircut.

24. Simple High Pony

If you’re looking for something a little bit more low maintenance then you may just want to try a regular high ponytail. Who says a classic can’t feel new when you haven’t worn it in a while?

new hairstyles volumized medium blonde hair
Use a teasing comb to add a little bit of volume to your roots.

25. Volumized Roots

Looking to try fun new hairstyles with volume? Give yourself an at-home blowout in order to get magazine-worthy volume at your roots.

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