Hair Color for Curly Hair: 10 Inspirational Looks

Bored with your 'do? Define those ringlets with a new flattering hue.

Curls and color are both easy ways to make your hair more interesting. They spice up your look and create a dramatic ‘do. Want to draw more attention to your texture? Try coloring your curls. As always, treat them like royalty, whether they are natural or permed (that means loads of moisture!).

Check out these ideas if you want to rock hair color for curly hair:

1. Cropped Curls

hair color for curly hair cropped
Wear your curls closely cropped.

Wear your curls closely cropped and add a touch of caramel color for an unexpected twist.

2. Balayage

hair color for curly hair balayage
Opt for subtle highlights.

Instead of going for an all-over color change consider this subtle balayage alternative.

3. Burgundy

hair color for curly hair red
We love this burgundy-red hue.

If you’re ready to take that bigger leap, consider this beautiful shade of burgundy. Keep your color vibrant by washing and conditioning with SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

4. Rose Gold

hair color for curly hair pastel
Try trendy rose gold ends.

Hop on the rose gold hair trend and show off your curls at the same time!

5. Depth and Dimension

hair color for curly hair depth and dimension
Create depth and dimension with your color. 

Use your hair color to add depth and dimension to your curls.

6. Sunlit Highlights

hair color for curly hair sunlit
Try something subtle.

Ask your stylist to create a natural-looking sunkissed color story.

7. Subtle Ombré

hair color for curly hair subtle ombre
Try this barely-there ombré.

Ease into the hair coloring world with this really subtle barely-there ombré.

8. Bleach Blonde

hair color for curly hair bleach blonde
Go lighter than you’ve gone before.

Take it up on a notch and go lighter than you’ve gone before. Make sure to keep your processed hair hydrated and your color vibrant by regularly using Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose 2-Minute Magic Masque.

9. Go Lighter

hair color for curly hair light blonde natural
Lighten up your strands.

Draw even more attention to your beautiful natural texture by opting for a light blonde hue.

10. Bronde

hair color for curly hair piece-y
Try a looser texture.

Settle in that in-between hue in that middle zone between brunette and blonde. The upkeep for this kind of color is super minimal as the transition blends directly into your roots.

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