Love is In the Hair: We’re Showing Love for All Textures this Global Diversity Awareness Month

Happy Global Diversity Awareness Month!

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month and any month-long observance that practices self-love and acceptance of everyone is a must in our book! This month is dedicated to appreciating and acknowledging the many cultures that make up our global community and recognizing the impact that diversity has in our lives. Relating this month to hair seems very relevant to us at All Things Hair, as there are many different hair types and textures that we love. We want to show our love for all hair types by sharing some our fave hair care products for each hair texture! Embrace your natural texture and your diversity while showing yourself some proper self-care with these products.

global diversity straight
Keep your straight hair sleek and shiny with a hair oil.


When it comes to straight hair we don’t think it has to be pin straight to fit in this category. If you have naturally straight hair or occasionally straighten you hair, a hair oil is perfect for you. We love how sleek and shiny straight hair looks and you can’t forget about the soft factor. Take care of your straight strands by adding a hair oil like Love Beauty and Planet‘s Natural Oils Infusion. These oils all leave your hair silky smooth and shiny, our current fave is Rose & Almond Natural Oils Infusion.

global diversity wavy
Prevent frizz with a hair mask.


What’s great about wavy hair is that it doesn’t quite fit into a particular, defined shape. It can be whatever it wants! The trickiest part about wavy hair is taming potential frizz that can be more apparent on this hair type than others. We recommend adding a weekly mask to your regimen to keep your hair happy and healthy! Suave Almond + Shea Butter Moisture Mask will give you the ultimate deep moisture and rehydrate your hair to help prevent breakage that turns into flyaways and frizz.

global diversity curly
Keep your curls happy and maintained with a defining cream.


Thick, curly strands are meant to be embraced! This hair type is so stunning, albeit it can be high maintenance. It’s important to keep your hair extra hydrated as it its more difficult for your natural oils to completely coat your strands on their own. Get the ultimate curl by adding a defining cream toy our daily routine. Nexxus Between Washes Revived Curls Shape & Moisture Creme Spray works to enhance your natural curl pattern while adding moisture, shine, and touchable softness. What more could you want?

global diversity natural hair
Give your natural hair the moisture it craves!


Ah, natural hair, another hair type we adore. This hair type covers a tighter curl, a coil. A hair type like this craves moisture and hydration, so it’s important to listen! During your wash routine, try using a shampoo catered toward giving moisture, so you don’t strip away necessary natural oils. Suave Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo is a perfect choice. This shampoo is infused with natural shea butter, and pure coconut oil so it’s rich texture will deeply moisturize and help fight frizz.

We are so excited to celebrate Global Diversity Awareness month all of October and continue to share hair care and styling tips for all different hair types!

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