5 Fancy Hairstyles for Any Occasion

What do BBQs, rooftop cocktails and sultry club nights have in common? You, looking cute at all of them.

Nothing makes a gal feel more put-together than a great hair day. Special events, in particular, demand a bit more extra attention. You want to look your very best both in person and in pictures because those photos might just be around for a while! And although we’ve probably mastered our usual 9 to 5 hairdos, sometimes we just need a little bit of help when dealing with fancy hairstyles. Between scouring the web for the latest hair trends to having to recreate them at home to actually learning some new skills, it can be quite the process.

We’ve put together a list of the hottest fancy hairstyles. They are sure to fool everybody into thinking you had more than five minutes to get ready.

Read on to check out some of our favorite fancy hairstyles:

1. Braided Updo

fancy hairstyles braided updo
Hair intimidation level: expert.

Spiff up that old reliable knot with some interesting texture. No shade against the trendy messy bun, but there’s definitely something to be said about a chignon that you don’t really see on every girl at the gym.

To style, start with damp hair coated with a heat protectant, like Dove Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray. Blowdry till completely dry and gather the lengths into a mid-height ponytail (we also like a half-updo if you want to change it up), braiding the ponytail till the tips. Secure with a hair tie in a similar color as your hair. Loop the ponytail around itself—don’t stress if the sides loosen up, as this “give” softens the entire look and makes it more flattering. Secure the ends with pins (higher skill level required) or just another hair tie if you’re feeling low-maintenance.

2. High Ponytail

fancy hairstyles high ponytail
Fresh-faced and fancy-free: A high ponytail is an instant facelift. Photo credit: Dvora

We meet again, go-to hairdo of the ’90s! This video-vixen hairstyle, which features either super-straight strands or tight curls piled into a ponytail onto the crown, with the lengths left to cascade downwards, has recently been resuscitated by some famous celebs and street-style stars. We’re all about its straightforward swag appeal too, because, well, no one puts pineapple hair in a corner!

For straight locks, run a curl defining cream, like Suave Curl Defining Cream, all over damp locks and blow-dry before curling around a ¾” (or smaller) curling iron barrel. To get tighter, smaller coils, start curling higher on the head—around eye-length should be ideal—and wrap the entire length of hair around the barrel. Repeat on the entire head, and using a rat-tail comb, gather your curls into a high ponytail (it helps to flip your head over, in true ’90s style) and secure with a hair tie right at the crown. Those with already-kinky hair can skip curling altogether, and go straight to smoothing down any frizzies around the ponytail with a serum. An instant facelift, this style works with medium to long hair and your fiercest matte lipstick.

3. Faux Bob

fancy hairstyles with the faux bob
Fake it till you make it… The cut, that is. (Hint: Bobby pins will get you there a whole lot faster.)

We’ve breezed through many a winter’s day tucking our hair into our coats, so we get that sometimes, you just want that cute, freshly-cut look without the commitment. A fake bob is a fun trompe l’oeil hairstyle that shows off your delicate collarbone and the healthiest, shiniest part of your strands without snipping anything off.

To create, apply some texturizing balm, such as Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Cream, onto damp or dry hair—the more tousled, the easier it is to hide any seams. Then, create two low pigtails and secure with invisible elastics. Starting with one pigtail, loop the hair underneath and pin it onto itself with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side and gently tug both to camouflage the pigtails, loosening them enough to look like one continuous bump. A hairspray that provides control with a touchable sheen, like Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist, is enough to finish the look.

4. Baby Beehive

fancy hairstyles with the baby beehive
The daytime, ladies-who-brunch version: The bumpy half pony. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

We’re stoked to see this ’do getting a retro revival on the beauty circuit. It’s just so proper yet so pop culture-y, and instantly makes you feel a thousand times prettier. A half-up beehive, matched with a defined cat-eye and some intense false lashes? Mod-el behavior indeed!

Start with some volumizing mousse or a blow-dry lotion, such as TRESemmé Thermal Creations Blow-Dry Balm, on damp hair. Blow-dry hair till completely dry. Gather the hair on your crown into a half-ponytail, leaving the hairline free for a deep side part. Backcomb the bump created between your side part and the half-pony, and gather the rest of your hair into a bigger ponytail, incorporating the half-ponytail into the entire gather and secure all with one hair tie. Tuck the ends under near your nape. Loop around itself for a mini-chignon or leave as a ponytail for a modern take.

5. Half-Updo

fancy hairstyles with a cool half-up hairstyle
Use a fine-toothed comb for an enviable polish at the base. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Hands down one of the most popular fancy hairstyles at the moment. The half ponytail’s popularity may have dipped during the resurgence of big, reality-star curls. Thank goodness it’s back, we can’t get enough of the low-key flirty vibe of this hairstyle.

Spray locks with a bodifying spray or mousse (we like Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse) and proceed to blow-dry until you have some all-over grip. Use a rat-tail comb to section hair horizontally, starting from one side to another. Gather the top section (a part near the crown is the most flattering) and secure into an immaculately-combed ponytail. Make sure to tie it so your elastic lies flat against the scalp. Brush through your lengths and run the ends through a curling iron for added flirt appeal.

Whether you’re RSVP-ed for a big end-of-year fête or just a casual night out, these fancy hairstyles are sure to elevate your glam. Have fun!

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