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Curly Cuts Will Have You Falling Back in Love With Your Curls

Bouncier curls in no time.

Curly cuts have been trending on TikTok (see the 396.4 million views on #curlycut), and we can’t look away from the before and after photos. Curly cuts are known to enhance your natural curls by adding definition, reducing frizz, and increasing volume. All of that to say, the right haircut and hairstylist can help you fall back in love with your curls just in time for the weather to really start cooling off. Read on to learn more about the curly cut, what exactly it is, and how it differs from a regular haircut.

The Viral Curly Cut Explained

We tapped the experts at Toronto-based hair salon, The Curl Lounge, to learn more about the curly cut.

curly cuts before after
This before and after of a curly cut done at The Curl Lounge is everything.

What is a curly cut?

While most haircuts begin with a shampoo and end with a blowdryer, most often curly cuts are done on dry hair. The curly cut technique focuses on each person’s unique curl pattern and tailors the cut to add volume and shape to their strands. This usually means cutting the curls in their natural pattern to avoid shrinkage and give the stylist a literal sense of the finished style.

Cutting curly hair wet or blown out might backfire when the client returns to their natural curl pattern after a wash. By cutting curly hair when it’s still curly, you can create a style that won’t shrink and shift with drying time.

Are curly cuts wet or dry?

As we mentioned above, most curly cuts are done on dry hair to avoid shrinkage. The exception to this rule comes when a stylist is presented with damaged hair that has lost its natural curl pattern. In that case, experts recommend a standard cut that offers more accuracy when getting rid of damaged ends.

curly cuts long
Curly cuts can be done on hair of every length.

What should you expect from a curly cut?

Stylists begin a curly cut session with a discussion about your natural curl pattern, current routine, and product lineup. This will help the stylist determine which techniques to use when cutting and how to guide you in your new routine. A reputable stylist will ask you about your current maintenance and give you a cut that works with your existing commitment to your strands.

After that, they’ll get to the actual cutting and follow that with a wash. Rather than the usual blow dry, a curly cut ends with your stylist styling your curls in a curly style so you can see the cut in action and see your curls in all their glory.

How should you style your curly cut?

As we mentioned above, not all curly cuts or styling routines were created equally. Your curly styling routine will largely depend on your unique curl pattern and the way your stylist cuts your strands.

That being said, there are some universal curly hair products we recommend. TRESemmé One Step Styler Curls Crème-Gel is one of our go-to products for anyone with curly hair. This product protects, hydrates, and defines at the same time, promising to leave you with your best curls yet.

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