10 Dirty Blonde Hairstyles Trending in 2022

This may just be your next easy blonde.

Although popular as a mid-point color between those with a dark base who want to go blonde, dirty blonde hairstyles are a look that, in and of themselves, are also beloved in their own right. Dirty blonde hair is definitely one of the edgier, more rocker-chic blondes in the family and yes, is certainly lower maintenance than other shades.

10 Dirty Blonde Hairstyles

However, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out the root (see what we did there?) of its easygoing appeal: Worn with a bit of a grown-in look, dirty blonde hairstyles afford the wearer more time between touchups, and in the same vein has a grittier, more street aesthetic that is also slightly more accessible than, say, immaculate platinum or white blonde.

Keep reading to get inspired by 10 dirty blonde hairstyles to consider:

1. Tousled Waves

dirty blonde hairstyles tousled waves
These tousled waves are as easy as it gets.

Tousled waves are a more polished way of referring to your “I woke up like this” hair that is quite literally a mess from just rolling out of bed. Grab a curling iron and add a few curls throughout your hair to give it a more polished feel. Run your fingers through your strands before they completely cool to add to the tousled effect.

2. Stick Straight

dirty blonde hairstyles stick straight
Use a hair straightener to achieve this super sleek look.

This sleek straight look is actually super easy to create – especially on hair of this length. Stick straight strands will help you show off your dirty blonde hair color, too!

Spritz Dove Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray through your hair and then use a straightener to create this stick-straight style. By prepping your strands with this heat protectant, you’ll guard your strands against damage and give them a shiny finish.

3. Space Buns

dirty blonde hairstyles space buns
When in doubt, wrap your hair up into two space buns.

Show off your fresh color by twisting your hair up into two space buns. This is one of those looks that’s both quirky and cool at the same time.

4. Slicked Down

dirty blonde hairstyles slicked down
Use a little bit of hair gel to create a sleek look like this one.

Mist the top of your hair with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Extend Hold Level 4 Hair Spray and use a comb to brush down your strands down for a super sleek finish.

5. Rooted Dirty Blonde

dirty blonde hairstyles rooted
Consider a blended rooted look.

Give your hair a dirty blonde effect without taking the plunge into the darker blonde hues by rooting your strands. Make sure to bring this picture to your stylist as inspo!

6. Messy Waves

dirty blonde hairstyles messy waves
Embrace the mess.

Embrace the messiness of easy waves and let your beautiful shade of dirty blonde hair shine. Skip the product completely and let your hair do its thing!

7. Mermaid Waves

dirty blonde hairstyles mermaid waves
Get in on the mermaid trend.

Get in on the mermaid waves trend all year round with these gorgeous waves. Use a 3-barrel curling iron to create this mermaid effect.

8. Accessorize

dirty blonde hairstyles hat
Accessorize away.

Mask a bad hair day or simply add a dose of trendiness to any look by opting for a hat. This tan color beautifully matches this particular shade of dirty blonde hair color.

9. Classic Curls

dirty blonde hairstyles curly
Embrace your curls.

Condition your curls and give them some extra oomph by styling them with Love Beauty and Planet Rice Oil & Angelica Essence Curls and Waves Conditioning and Styling Treatment. This treatment will de-frizz your curls while simultaneously adding moisture.

10. Brushed-Through Curls

dirty blonde hairstyles brushed waves
This is the ultimate styling hack.

Give your strands this Hollywood effect by brushing through them once they’ve cooled! It’s the ultimate styling hack for looking like your style took more time than it actually did. It’s also a great way to let your color really shine through!

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