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How to D.I.Y. Your Own Organic Shampoo

Go the all natural route for your roots.

One of the biggest trends in the beauty world is organic skin and hair care alternatives. There’s a worry that many of the harsh chemicals and additives in regular products is causing more harm than good. That’s why people have begun to make the switch to things like 100% organic shampoo to keep their hair clean. The best organic shampoos and conditioners are considered a “greener” alternative, but one major drawback of these products is that they can be very expensive.

So, instead of buying an expensive bottle of that “100% organic” shampoo, try making your own in the comfort of your own home! It’s very simple and cost-effective since many of these ingredients can be found in your fridge or kitchen pantry already.

How to Create An Organic Shampoo At Home

It’s time to put those expensive organic shampoos and conditioners down. Instead, head to your kitchen to create an all-natural, organic hair shampoo for your locks.

organic shampoo DIY
Learn how to make your own organic shampoo!

DIY Options

First off, you’re going to need just three ingredients to create your organic shampoo: coconut milk, liquid castile soap, and any essential oil of your choosing. The castile soap acts as an organic base, whereas the coconut milk helps keep your hair soft and the essential oils can be customized to your haircare needs. We recommend using lavender or rosemary essential oils. They’re nourishing to your hair and scalp and they smell so, so good! For those of you wanting to make a shampoo for hair loss, we suggest staying away from harsher essential oils like tea tree, which can dry out your scalp and further hinder hair production. If you suffer from dry hair, you can always add olive oil to help hydrate your locks.

To make your own, simply mix 1/4 cup of coconut milk, 1/4 cup of castile soap, and 20 drops of essential oils in a shampoo bottle. Shake it well to perfectly mix everything together! It’s seriously that simple! Just avoid using the same batch for over a month, since it does contain coconut milk, which can expire.

Organic Shampoo Alternatives

If you really don’t want to make your own clean organic shampoo then try out one of our favorite vegan alternatives. Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Milk and White Jasmine Shampoo is our go-to vegan shampoo. This shampoo is plant-based, vegan, and paraben-free! Follow up with the coordinating conditioner to experience all the benefits.

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