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ATH Investigates: Benefits of Jojoba Oil For Thick Hair and Healthy Scalp

Say goodbye to thin and brittle strands.

Jojoba oil is one of those ingredients that beauty enthusiasts are always raving about and for a good reason. It turns out that this nourishing natural oil is rich in vitamins and minerals for hair. Jojoba oil for hair benefits are among the most sought-after because the oil has a high content of vitamins C, B vitamins, E, copper, and zinc. Jojoba’s proven moisturizing and hydrating benefit makes it the preferred ingredient or microemulsion for hair care products such as shampoo and conditioner. Microemulsions are important because they distribute active ingredients in the products. Keep reading to discover how to use jojoba oil to enjoy the best hair of your life.

How to Use Jojoba Oil For Hair As Hydrating Masks and Scrubs

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Jojoba oil works wonders in natural hair curls. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

Due to its oily consistency, jojoba oil is a natural moisturizer that can be used straight up or added to hair conditioners. Additionally, it can be mixed with other oils such as coconut or olive oils and ingredients like oatmeal to make a nourishing hair mask. The best thing about this oil is that it works well in all hair textures, including natural and afro. We recommend applying this homemade hair mask once or twice a week and leaving it in your hair for at least 20 minutes before rinsing. As a result, you will notice the difference in your hair’s appearance because it will look shinier and feel stronger and softer.

Among the known benefits of jojoba oil is hair strengthening, which is important for people with fine and brittle hair. Though it is not scientifically proven, it’s believed that jojoba oil helps thicken hair strands and prevents hair loss. According to some literature, this is possible because the oil in jojoba moisturizes the hair follicles, preventing dryness, breakage, and hair loss.

Jojoba oil for hair and scalp

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Jojoba is a great hydrating oil to nourish bleached hair. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

Natural hair oils are an excellent scalp moisturizer and a great remedy against common scalp dryness caused by an excess of product or chemical treatments. For example, for people that overuse hair sprays or dry shampoos, their scalps then build up an excess of product and become dry. Other examples include hair dyes and hair-strengthening treatments, which cause a lot of damage to the scalp making it dry and flaky. Applying a few drops of this natural oil on the problematic areas of the scalp once or twice a week will hydrate the scalp and soothe itching. Due to the latter benefit, recent studies have found jojoba oil a natural anti-dandruff remedy.

If you want to make a moisturizing homemade scalp scrub, add a few drops of jojoba oil to two tablespoons of brown sugar. Apply the mixture to your scalp on dry hair before showering, and using your fingertips, scrub the scalp to clean it. The more you massage your scalp with your fingers, the more dirt, impurities, and product build-up you’ll remove. After a few minutes, rinse with lukewarm water and wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

How to benefit from jojoba oil for hair and scalp

jojoba oil for hair
Heating jojoba oil before using will increase its benefits. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

There are three ways to incorporate this wonderful oil into your hair care routine. For example, it can be applied directly to the scalp, added to your conditioner, or bought jojoba oil products. In any way you choose, you’ll receive amazing benefits from this oil.

1. If you apply jojoba oil directly to the scalp and hair. We recommend heating the oil on the stove or microwave first to make the application easier. If you have short hair, warm up one tablespoon of the oil. On the other hand, if you have long hair, warm up two tablespoons of jojoba oil. Apply the oil from the roots to the ends, and rinse with shampoo and conditioner after leaving the oil in the hair for 20 minutes.

2. Add jojoba oil to your shampoo or conditioner. Another way of receiving the great benefits of jojoba oil is by adding 3 to 5 drops of the oil to your favorite shampoo or conditioner. We recommend adding oil to both products if you deal with dry hair.

3. Purchase products with jojoba oil. Lastly, if buying natural oils is not your thing or is not readily available in your area, purchase hair care products with jojoba. Though they might not be as potent as natural oil, you will still benefit from their use.

Now that you know the benefits of this wonderful oil, how will you use it?

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