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What’s in My Hair Today: The Gel Serum That Gives Me ‘Popping’ Curls

The feel that'll give you defined curls all season long.

It’s been some time since I last sang the praises of a product that I’m currently loving. Sorry ladies, I have a bucket full of hair products to test and in order for me to really see how something works on my hair I have to try it more than once. Sometimes, products can be love at first sight, but it’s always good to use a hair product in different ways to see if it’s something worth re-buying or worthy of becoming a staple in your hair styling arsenal. This time, I finally got the chance to try out a gel serum by Suave on my hair. Read on as I share my thoughts.

Why I’m Loving This Gel Serum for My Natural Curls

For the past few weeks I’ve been styling my hair with the Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Curl Defining Gel Serum. It’s been on my list for a while, but I wanted to completely finish the Dove Absolute Curls Crème Supreme Serum before moving on to something new. Whenever I look for a styler, I always look for something that promises that it will help tame frizz and provide a great deal of hold. This gel serum doesn’t say that it will help with frizz, but, I can tell you that it did. After a few sweaty days in New York, my hair held up very well.

What the formula does promise, however, is defined curls without the stiffness and weightless curls. Did it live up to expectations? Yes and yes! My curls were extremely defined and bouncy, not an ounce of weight at all.

gel serum natural hair
Even on the hottest day my curls remained defined and bouncy.

If you’re wondering who this product is for, you can rest assure that it can be used on any curl type and you can use it for any curly style. Whether you’re a wash and go kind of gal or a twist out gal, this gel serum can help you achieve the best-looking curls with any style you choose. When styling, you only need around 1-2 pumps of the product as it really stretches! Then, simply apply section by section as you style.

I’ve had some experiences with gels in the past that have left white, flaky residue on my hair, which steered me away from using hair gels for a long time. This was the least of my worries with this product. It goes on clear and remains clear–without leaving a hard gel cast on your curls. I think its safe to say that this product is now a staple in my hair styling regimen.

If you’re looking for more product recommendations for naturally curly hair, read all about how much I love the Suave Professionals Honey Infusion Strengthening System.

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