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How to Use a Curl Defining Gel For Natural Curls

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You go curl!

Curly haired girls rejoice! There is an old school product that has the power to make your natural curls come to life. That’s right friends, we are talking about curl defining gel! This hair care product is specifically formulated to help define and enhance your natural curls as they work to tame frizz. Bonus: they work to create structured and gorgeous curly styles that can last all day long! Ready to rock your curls? Read on to learn exactly how to use this awesome product.

Curl Defining Gel: A Naturally Curly Girl’s Best Friend

curl defining gel a must for natural curls
Curl defining gel, a must for natural curls.

1. Start off with clean hair.

To effectively use a curl defining gel for curly hair, you’ll need to start off with clean hair. Washing curly hair needs to be done with an extra step of precaution. Make sure you totally saturate your hair with water before heading in with shampoo. You can also lightly detangle your wet hair with fingers if you are prone to tangles after washing.

Try out a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that’s packed with moisture. The Nexxus New York Salon Care Oil Infinite Shampoo, formulated with Babassu and Marula oil, can de-frizz your hair as it delivers some much-needed hydration. Follow it up with the Nexxus New York Salon Care Oil Infinite Conditioner for some seriously smooth curls.

2. Squeeze out excess water.

Once your hair is clean and conditioned, it’s time to soak up a little bit of that water so your hair isn’t dripping. Use a soft piece of cotton (regular old towels can cause frizz with their rough texture) to squeeze the water out of your hair. If your hair is particularly fragile, it’s a good idea to detangle your hair with fingers while it is still wet, before completing this step.

3. Apply some gel.

Now it is finally time to get to the curl defining gel! Before letting your hair dry too much, apply your gel. We like the TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel. It’s alcohol-free (a must for curls), high hold, high shine and moisturizing. To apply, flip your head over and lightly coat your hair with the gel.

4. Scrunch in your gel.

When you have a nice even layer of the gel over your hair, you can scrunch it in for maximum curly bounce. The goal of applying the gel is to totally coat your curls so that the gel can hold their natural shape as your hair dries. It also gives a layer of protection from not only the elements, but also humidity and other factors that could contribute to frizz. It’s a natural curly girls BFF so make sure you’ve totally covered your curls.

5. Let your hair dry.

As we said, the gel works as a sort of insurance for drying your curls and maintaining your curl shape. You can either let your hair air-dry, or blow-dry your hair. If you opt to speed things up with a dryer, you should use a diffuser that’ll work to define and dry your curls.

6. Style your hair.

When your curls are dry you are good to go! Your actual style depends on what’s going on in your day. Some of our favorite looks for curly girls include natural curly hairstyles from Mini Marley, date-night curly hairstyles and cool short hair ideas.

Need more tips on using products, like a curl defining gel? Read about how to use mousse vs. blow dry lotion.

08 January 2017