Hot On Our Radar: New Nexxus Hair Brushes!

Eunice Lucero | 14 November 2016

Just the thing to start your weekday mornings off right.

Talk about a happy start to our workweeks! We just got word that all our good hair days just got some insurance, kids: Nexxus hair brushes are now here to make your glamming up routines just a tad more glamorous. These latest accessory offerings are a first for the heritage brand, which is also renowned for its salon-crafted products (as well as a mahhhvelous TriBeCa space).

Just Launched: Nexxus Hair Brushes

nexxus hair brushes ibiza
Like luxury cars for your strands: The EX3 is perfect for wavy short to medium hair (that lob!).

The line features Nexxus hair brushes made from Germany and Spain and are named after the glamorous island getaway of Ibiza. The line includes eight different brushes—six round, one oval and one paddle—for every conceivable hair styling need, from adding volume to producing sleek, straight hairstyles to even keeping hair humidity-resistant. Talk about profesh!

And speaking of which, the brushes are also categorized for hair length and area of styling, i.e. the hair on the sides of the face. Nexxus hair brushes are also specific to each hair type—wavy, curly, frizzy, color-treated, fine—which guarantees a unique blowdrying and styling experience that’s tailored to your needs at the moment. It eliminates the guesswork, which is basically that extra cushion we all need during a busy, too-hectic-to-mess-up weekday morning.

nexxus hair brushes Ibiza B3 Round Hair Brush
Latest brush launch from Nexxus with the Ibiza B3 round hair brush.

To wit: We particularly love how brushes such as the Ibiza B3 Round Hair Brush target short to medium hair that’s also color-treated, giving it shape and volume—which means if, let’s say, I wanted to style the socks off of my freshly-dyed inverted bob, I’d have exactly the tool to do so.

nexxus hair brushes CX2 paddle
Want to dry hair and get a soothing scalp massage at the same time? The CX3’s wooden bristles do just the thing.

The Ibiza line also comes in a mix of barrels, grips and bristles, again specific to any one’s individual hair needs. One standout (and personal fave) is the democratic (and hypoallergenic!) CX2 Paddle Brush, which has natural wooden pins designed to massage and stimulate the scalp, all while having very low water absorption for efficient drying.

Have a happy hair week, folks!

Check out the complete line of Nexxus hair brushes on

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