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Weightlifting for Your Locks: Our Favorite Thickening Conditioner

How to instantly thicken your strands. 

From weightlifting to eating healthy, it seems like everyone is all about gains these days. We’re cheering you on from the sidelines and, as always, are here to provide you with some tips in the hair department. If you want to add some bulk to your hair and you’re looking for a way to thicken your strands then you’ll want to try one of our favorite products like a conditioner for thickening. A thickening conditioner is a super easy way to fake thicker hair without adding any extra time or products to your routine. Keep reading to learn more about how you can add some lift to your hair via a thickening conditioner:

Our Favorite Thickening Conditioner

Instead of using a one size fits all approach to your hair care routine, opt for a personalized option that targets your desire for thicker, fuller hair. If you’re not all about that lengthy styling routine and you aren’t down to crowd your medicine cabinet with extra products, then localizing the styling changes to your conditioner is the best choice for you. By replacing your regular conditioner with a thickening option you can thicken your strands without overloading your hair with product.

TRESemmé Thick & Full Conditioner is a great option if you want to encourage the appearance of fuller hair. This conditioner is specially formulated with Glycerol to penetrate and expand the hair fiber, giving you visibly thicker and fuller locks.

After washing your hair with TRESemmé Thick & Full Shampoo, run the conditioner through your hair. Let it sit for a minute or two before rinsing it out and style your hair as usual. We recommend applying a paraben-free thickening styling agent, like TRESemmé Thick & Full Balm, near the roots and mid-lengths, and carefully blasting the crown area with your blow-dryer to encourage more lift and bounce. Now you’re ready to head out the door in a new fuller, texturized look!



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