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3 At-Home Natural Hair Care Tips

It's time to master your at-home hair care.

When it comes to at-home hair care, some of us may be pros and have our routine down, while some of us may be stepping into new territory for the very first time. Many natural-haired ladies out there rely on their stylists to help care for there strands. Now that we have to switch to at-home natural hair care, it’s the perfect time to master your routine, learn what works for your hair, and take some extra self-care time for yourself.

We chatted with natural hair vlogger Katrina of kbeautyshine to find out what her top at-home natural care tips are. Keep scrolling to learn how you can care for your natural strands at home:

At-Home Natural Hair Care Tips

1. Always Deep Condition

protetcive braids
Start off with some braids. Photo credit: instagram.com/kbeautyshine

Deep conditioner is seriously a lifesaver for natural hair. Katrina warns us that you should never skip this step. “Apply your favorite deep conditioner, and then style your hair in either two Dutch braids or a top bun and let the deep conditioner penetrate your hair for an hour or all day,” explains Katrina. For conditioning, we love Suave Nourish & Strengthen Leave-In Conditioner because of its shea-butter-and-coconut-infused formula. Those two ingredients work together to help leave your strands feeling extremely moisturized with an extra boost of shine.

2. Let Your Hair Free

natural hair
Let your hair loose! Photo courtesy of @kbeautyshine

Many people who have natural hair wear protective styles, braids, or weaves. This is the time you should let your hair breathe and don’t worry about pulling it back tightly. “Rock your hair freely at home, no hairstyles,” says Katrina. We definitely agree. Pulling your hair into tight styles over and over again can cause damage to your strands over time. It’s time to led your curls to lose!

3. Scalp Massage

hair oil
Use your favorite hair oil!

What can be better than an at-home scalp massage? It’s relaxing and very beneficial to your hair. “Use your favorite oil and massage away. Scalp massages are great to stimulate the scalp, which promotes hair growth, strengthens the roots of your hair, and condition your scalp and hair,” explains Katrina.

Use Love Beauty and Planet Soothe & Nourish Hemp Seed Oil & Nana Leaf Scalp Serum to gently give yourself a scalp massage. Apply the product directly to your scalp and then massage it in—there’s no need to rinse! The coconut oil in this formula will help nourish and balance your scalp.



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