Love Beauty and Planet World Water Day

Conditioner with a Conscience: Celebrate World Water Day 2018 with Love Beauty and Planet

20% less water wastage? Sign us up.

Today, March 22, we celebrate World Water Day around the globe, and this year’s theme, “Nature for Water,” encourages us to use nature-based solutions (NBS) to resolve the challenges we face in 2018. Climate change, drought, floods—all these “natural disasters” can (and, unfortunately, do) find root in the damage we do to ecosystems and the environment. We’re now called to look for ways to restore balance in the water cycle through efforts that range from planting trees in order to replenish forests to restoring wetlands. However, even simply mitigating your footprint and finding sustainable, cost-effective lifestyle solutions can make an impact, and we at All Things Hair are excited to join the cause with Love Beauty and Planet, which helps us make a small difference each day both in your shower, and, more importantly, to the world at large.

Love Beauty and Planet employs a patent-pending Fast-Rinse conditioner technology that cuts down on shower time (20 percent less water wasted!) while still giving you the moisturizing and detangling benefits you crave. The fact that it’s also made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles, uses plant-based detanglers, is infused with natural, ethically sourced oils and extracts and does away with silicones, parabens, dyes and animal testing also makes it top-notch in our books. Read on to see our editors weigh in on this game-changing line:

World Water Day with Love Beauty and Planet

“I’m usually very picky with conditioner, especially now that I’m blonde; the right one has to answer for a myriad of issues—from damage control to color retention—that I’ve resigned myself to cocktailing two, three products at a time. Not only does Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo and Conditioner keep my color vibrant and super fresh-looking, the conditioner also leaves a glossy (!) sheen! The divine rose fragrance is such a delight and perks me up every morning too, even as the conditioner washes out cleanly and efficiently. My personal win-win as I start each day.” —EUNICE LUCERO, Editor in Chief

“I am currently having a love affair with Love Beauty and Planet Hope and Repair Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang Shampoo and Conditioner. I would usually spend a lot of time deep conditioning to soften my hair after shampooing, but thanks to this formula I can cut right to the chase. The shampoo leaves my hair clean and soft, helping me cut down the amount of time I spend conditioning my thick, curly hair. With the Fast-Rinse conditioner technology, I don’t have to re-apply my conditioner twice to make sure my hair is fully moisturized and conditioned.”—ALYSSA FRANCOIS, Beauty Editor

love beauty and planet hope and repair conditioner

“Water, the most precious element on earth is under threat, and what better way to save it than by using dry shampoo? I’m obsessed with Love Beauty and Planet Radical Refresher Citrus Peel Uplifting Dry Shampoo. Thanks to its purifying and refreshing benefits, this citrus-infused shampoo revives my greasy hair and gives it body and volume. This product not only saves washing-your-hair-time, but also our planet. Less water wasted, and my hair never felt (or smelled) this good!”—MILENA PRINZI, Senior Editor

love beauty & planet dry shampoos

“Finding a product that works for my frizzy hair and the planet used to be tricky, but now I’m shamelessly addicted to Love Beauty and Planet Smooth and Serene Argan Oil & Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner. Not only does this duo keep my hair smooth and frizz-free, but its Fast-Rinse conditioner technology cut my once-lengthy shower time in half. Healthy looking hair and a happier Mother Earth? Count me in.”—JENNIFER HUSSEIN, Junior Beauty Writer

love beauty and planet smooth and serene conditioner

“It takes a lot for me to clear a permanent space on my shower shelf for a hair product, but that’s exactly what I did after I used Love Beauty and Planet Radical Refresher Vetiver & Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for the first time. This conditioner is the perfect detox for my hair after a long week of putting my strands through hot tools and styling. It’s the reenergizing boost I need, and it’s both planet-friendly and guilt-free.”—MIRIAM HERST, Assistant Editor

love beauty and planet radical refresher conditioner

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