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Thicker Hair Products for Fuller-Looking Locks

Boost your mane with these products to make hair thicker!

Ever had the thick hair dream? One second you’re walking down a street, thick, luscious hair blowing in the breeze; the next you’re lying in bed, wishing you were still asleep. But it doesn’t have to have to be this way: You can now make it all a reality by using our edit of thicker hair products!

Now, just to clarify: no product can actually make your strands physically thicker, but they can boost the volume and body of your hair, making it look and feel fuller. Intrigued? From the shower to the street, we’ve created a complete hair care routine to help you get the locks of your dreams. You can thank us later:

3 Thicker Hair Products and How to Use Them

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Looking for products to make hair thicker? We’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Wash & Care

As with any hair care routine, you should start your journey in the shower. The shampoo and conditioner you use should be targetted to your specific hair needs and goals—and this means using thicker hair products such as the Dove Nourishing Secrets Thickening Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner.

This duo has been enriched with lavender oil and rosemary extract, deeply nourishing from the inside to help give hair a fuller appearance. What also makes this a particularly great wash and care combo to use is that it works for daily use, meaning you can live your thicker hair life every day!

Step 2: Pre-styling

When it comes to boosting the volume of your hair, many people skip straight from the shower to styling, but an important step to remember is pre-styling protection. And while you may think adding extra products to your routine will only weigh down your tresses, TRESemmé Thermal Creations Blow Dry Balm definitely won’t.

This multi-tasking product helps to protect hair from damage while blow-drying and heated styling for a natural-looking, voluminous style. Plus a lightweight formula helps add body and bounce.

Step 3: Styling

Now, we come to the part where you’ll see all your hard work start to pay off. You’ve washed, conditioned and prepped your strands, and now it’s time to boost that body! How? With the help of TRESEemmé Total Volume Hair Spray. This hairspray can be used to both create and finish your chosen look and should be sprayed in sections to build up the volume as you go.

And there you have it, all the expert tips, tricks and products to make hair thicker! Now, where will you show yours off?

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