5 Best Hair Masks for Natural Curly Hair in 2020

Treat your locks right with a hair mask.

By now, you know that curly hair always needs extra moisture. Deep conditioning, or using a reparative hair mask for curly hair, should be a vital step in your curly hair routine—at the very least, you should treat your curls every two weeks, if not once a week. The first step is to explore some of the options that are out there for you.

For curly-haired product junkies (we’re guilty, too), we apologize in advance for adding one more thing to your ever-growing hair care shopping list. And for the mixologists—of course, we couldn’t leave you out—there are some D.I.Y.s here for you too. All in all, if you love and want soft, hydrated and healthy looking curls, read on to your new favorite reparative hair mask for curly hair to help you step up your deep conditioning game!

1. Dove Quench Absolute Intense Restoration Mask

reparative hair mask for curly hair help with softness and moisture
Happy curls are soft and full of moisture!

Dear thirsty curls, we’ve got the drink for you! Dove Quench Absolute Intense Restoration Mask is specifically designed for curly hair as it works to rehydrate and nourish curls. We love how you don’t have to worry about weighed-down locks (fine, curly hair is especially prone to this) and this treatment is formulated to enhance your curl’s true definition while preventing frizz. Oftentimes the moisture from the air gets into the hair cuticle and causes the curls to swell, which likely results in a ruined hairstyle. Curly girls rejoice—this sounds like a good hair day is in progress!

2. Suave Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask 

If you’ve been paying attention to current hair care trends lately, you’ll know coconut is showing up everywhere. Suave Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask is infused with coconut milk which is known for its nourishing benefits and provides deep moisture to dry hair. This mask also deeply penetrates hair and delivers intense moisture for a touchably soft feeling. We love how it smells good enough to eat! Okay, maybe not that good.

3. Suave Moisture Mask with Almond + Shea Butter

Almond and shea butter are known for their rich emollients, and this hair mask is infused with both! Add Suave Moisture Mask with Almond + Shea Butter to your hair care regimen for deep moisture and rehydration to your curls. Your curlicues surely won’t want to resist a treat like this as this mask also leaves hair touchably soft!

4. Avocado Hair Mask

Don’t toss that overripe avocado just yet and get some bang for your buck. Whip up a moisturizing mask of your own by creating an avocado hair mask. Blend an avocado along with honey and olive oil. Avocado contains vitamin E that helps repair damage and moisturize the scalp, preventing dryness. The fatty acids found in avocados can nourish and strengthen the hair strands too. Olive oil helps hydrate the hair, and honey, a humectant, draws moisture to your locks.

reparative hair mask for curly hair can help prevent frizz
Some curly gals love a DIY project! Whip up an at-home hair mask with ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

5. Egg Protein Hair Mask

Sounds like a mess waiting to happen right? Since hair is made up of protein, egg hair masks are an easy way to temporarily refill any protein loss due to chemical treatments such as dye jobs and heat damage from drying or diffusing your curly hair, for example. Whip up an egg, honey and olive oil mix and treat your hair with this rebuilding hair mask. Do this treatment only when needed to prevent an overload of protein.

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