Hair Cares: Keda Floyd’s Advocacy on Alopecia Supports Women Battling Hair Loss

Our power is stronger than our hair.

At All Things Hair, we celebrate women and their contributions to elevate the hair care industry daily. To kick off our 2023  Women’s History Month celebration, we highlight women in the haircare space who spark significant change and positivity within the industry. Meet Keda Floyd, also known as Keda_Alopecia on social media, is a beauty industry maven. Not only is she a hairstylist with over 20 years of experience under her belt, but she is also an Alopecia Universalis advocate. In addition, she is also a makeup artist, fashion designer/stylist, and part-time interior decorator. Not to mention she does all of this while being a vocal advocate for other women like herself who have gone through the journey of dealing with alopecia Universalis.  

Read on to learn about Keda’s story and why she inspires so many. 

All About Keda Floyd and Her Extraordinary Career Path in Beauty and Fashion

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Learn about Keda Floyd and her mission to empower women. Photo by: @Fashion_On_Dime

Keda Floyd is a full-time stylist and entrepreneur. She has amassed thousands of followers across her social media for her ability to style hair, her make-up artistry, and her passion for fashion. She also has brought in fans due to her superb interior design skills.

Keda’s first passion at a young age was a beauty, but as she got older, she became equally in tune and fell in love with the world of fashion. Commenting on her initial love for beauty and how it has blossomed into more, she says, “I’ve always been into it ever since I was a little girl, but as I got older, I got better at it. I saw that people actually liked [my content], so I became more serious about beauty, and fashion followed.

Besides fashion, hair, and beauty, Keda has also built a reputation in interior decorating. Her many levels of talent in many mediums are one of the biggest reasons behind her growing following and success. “I believe I was fortunate enough to be given many talents from above. And I feel like if you have these multiple talents, why stop seeds from growing?” She has definitely given each seed enough water and light to grow.

Keda’s Social Media Calling

My mission is to embrace and motivate women with low self-esteem, and teach them how to be courageous.

Keda’s goal when starting her social media following was to uplift her fellow woman. “My mission is to embrace and motivate women with low self-esteem and teach them how to be courageous,” she says. It has certainly been a long journey for her, but to Keda, that is one of the favorite parts of her story. “My journey has been nothing but a blessing. I’ve come a long way, and this is just the beginning.”

Keda’s biggest achievement isn’t any brand deal, sponsorship, or even a particular look or design. Of all the hats she wears, the most important is being a mother. And to Keda, being a mother has been one of the best reasons for her to grow as a person and even a businesswoman. “When you’re a mother, you have to put things in perspective knowingly you have family counting on you. Therefore you work harder and focus more because you set an example.” She looks to inspire and uplift the women of today, and she hopes to do the same for her son and those just getting into the industry.

Keda Floyd’s Personal Journey with Alopecia Universalis

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Keda on being an Alopecia Universali warrior. Photo by: @Keda_Alopecia 
I started having one-on-one talks with women going through the same thing. I practiced being an active listener, and explaining to them we are queens no matter what!

Keda has kept it no secret that one of her biggest challenges was being diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis five years ago. This form of Alopecia is not just hair loss on the head but around the entire body. After being diagnosed, it took just six months for her to lose her hair, impacting her self-esteem poorly. “I knew I had it because my mother has it; I just didn’t know how bad it would attack me,” Keda says.

However, Keda did not want her Alopecia Universalis diagnosis to define the rest of her life. “I refuse to walk around being depressed. I was offered synthetic meds that I refused to take and was well prepared for this transition.”Instead of letting her illness and initial sadness get the best of her, she decided to go to social media and share her ways of dealing with the diagnosis while still practicing her beauty and hairstyling ability. It actually gave her even more confidence. “I came out on social media and started making wigs, as well as drawing my eyebrows on and applying my lashes! That was my routine for almost two years until my hair started growing back.”

Once her hair began to grow back, Keda did not let up on her routines on social media. Her journey through treatment and her ability to still go online and inspire gained her a following of people going through the same situations. Her uplifting of those who also suffer from alopecia, and making it known that you can and should be comfortable in your own skin, is a beautiful message that should be echoed in beauty, fashion, or any other industry where one shows their true self to the public.”I started having one-on-one talks with women that are going through the same thing. I practiced being an active listener and explaining to them we are queens no matter what!”

Keda on Being an Advocate for Women with Alopecia

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While being a powerhouse in the industry, Keda remains a strong advocate for alopecia a Photo by: @Keda_Alopecia

While Keda had her own inspirations to become an advocate for alopecia and also built her brand through beauty and fashion, she also made it known that it’s most important to find that inspiration within yourself. “I follow a few advocates that inspire me, but I don’t look at them for motivation. Mine comes from within. It’s very important you find your own happiness and how you believe in yourself!” It is great to have people in the field you love or in a similar situation to look up to, but it’s impossible to succeed and be happy if you don’t have that love within yourself. That motivation can’t just be received; it has to be made internally. Only then, according to Keda, will the hope continue to grow.

As a voice for women dealing with alopecia, Keda Floyd’s biggest piece of advice is not to have any fear. “Don’t be afraid of how you look; keep a positive mindset at all times; and do things that make you look and feel good about yourself.” Most importantly, especially when it comes to being inspired by others, it’s crucial to her to “live through you, not other people.”

Words of Wisdom for Women on a Creative Career Path

Insights from Keda Floyd on how she juggles so many creative trades at once. Photo by @Fashion_On_Dime
Stay consistent! Just because you don’t get that many likes on a picture someone is always watching. Keep up with what’s going on, and try new creative things that will catch people’s eye.

Of course, Keda Floyd has become a light and inspiration to those suffering from Alopecia and alopecia Universalis and those looking to chase a path in the creative world. Her message is the same, whether in fashion, hair, beauty, interior decorating or any medium of self-expression. “Stay consistent! Someone is always watching just because you don’t get that many likes on a picture. Keep up with what’s happening, and try new creative things to catch people’s eye.”

In addition, it’s important to prioritize your own mental health when chasing the creative career path. It is never just an overnight success. Keda adds, “if you’re juggling so much at once, take a deep breath and focus on one thing at a time. Try considering your highest priority first, then go to the next! There is less stress that way.”

A special thanks to Keda Floyd for sharing her beautiful story and words of wisdom with All Things Hair. Have an inspiring story to share with us? Tag us @AllThingsHair for a chance to be featured on our social media. Also, to be the first to get notified of inspiring stories like Keda’s, subscribe to our newsletter below.

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