These Are the 9 Best Ways To Cover Gray Roots

Gray roots are increasingly common these days, given the ever-longer stretches taken between salon trips given the pandemic. And while there may be a variety of causes of gray hair, there’s good news out there for those seeking a dye job. You can easily cover gray roots with this slew of beauty-editor approved products, tips, and styling tricks to help extend your time between salon treatments. Because here’s the thing: gray roots are a totally different beast than other kinds. Covering gray roots in particular requires products that can provide targeted coverage. 

1. Try out an instant root concealer…

Let’s face it—there are times where life gets busy, and suddenly your roots are marked by a few weeks of growth. Even with super-convenient dyeing options, there’s a chance time won’t permit that you can immediately dye or highlight your hair again once you notice your gray hairs are visible. Instead of panicking, reach for a root cover-up spray. What’s great about these is that they provide instant results, but ones that are totally washable too. Translation? No need to freak if you make a mistake when first working with the product.

Hero Product: TRESemmé Root Touch-Up Spray for Black Hair

2. …Or reach for color-depositing products to combat gray roots.

If you’re looking to not only cover gray roots but also give your allover color a lift, try a color-depositing conditioner. When used in place of your traditional one, this specific type of formula revives dull bleach or dye. After rinsing, it’s like you stepped out of the salon—except you’re still at home in your shower.

Hero Product: TRESemmé Gloss Light Blonde Color Depositing Conditioner

3. You could also experiment with highlighting or balayage options. 

Instead of dyeing your whole head of hair with a single-process color, disguise gray roots with balayage or strategic highlights throughout to disguise your gray hairs. Although this is trickier to execute at home, blending highlights into hairs enables you to keep your color routine lower maintenance. Yet there’s no question you need to have at least an intermediate skill set in at home dye jobs before attempting DIY balayage. Use a color-protecting leave-in product after painting strands to keep hair fresh well beyond its paint-on date.

Hero Product: The Good Stuff Color Protect Milk

4. There are some at-home permanent touch-up kits to help cover gray roots, too.

Pre-pandemic, but perhaps even more so now, you’re able to find a slew of permanent hair color kits that are designed to touch up the roots specifically. Best when used about a month after a fresh dye job, they’re a great solution for covering gray roots. Keep your roots looking fresh by using a shampoo for colored hair, really massaging your scalp and concentrating the lather there.

Hero Product: Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose 2X Concentrated Sulfate-Free Shampoo

5. Think about a fresh part…

Covering up gray hairs can be as simple as trying out a different hairstyle. Pick a new way to part your hair, depending on where most of your grays are. Yes, it really can be as easy as adjusting the placement of your part. Because your hair isn’t used to “sitting,” so to speak, in its freshly-party position, spritz with a fine-mist, light-hold hairspray that will provide shine, reduce frizz, and keep things in place.

Hero Product: TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Smooth Hold Level 2 Hair Spray

6. …or, you could switch up your everyday style.

Usually a ponytail girl or a mom bun kinda gal? (Don’t worry, same.) While you’re looking to extend your time between salon services, do yourself a solid and wear your hair down to avoid pesky, often wiry gray hairs from peeking out around your hairline.

7. You could strategically place some hair accessories, too. 

Whether it’s a few sparkling barrettes or an ultra-wide headband, pick the hair accessories that help hide your gray roots while spotlighting the rest of your gorgeous mane. 

8. Go on and get all ~*glittery*~ if you feel like being extra. 

While this may not be appropriate for a work Zoom meeting, you can add some fun—and some coverage—to your gray roots with the use of a glitter spray. A silver-hued one complements gray roots best and provides the most potential coverage opportunities.

Hero Product: TRESemmé Silver Glitter Spray

9. Or, embrace your gray roots—and let your natural color grow out.

If nothing else, use this time to embrace your silver strands. Gray roots and gray hair are beautiful in their own right and deserve to be equally celebrated. Avoid potential brassiness (yes, the same kind that happens to blondes) by employing the assistance of a violet-hued shampoo and conditioner. The color deposits help eliminate tarnishes and yellow undertones that often creep up on otherwise cool, ashy, and silvery strands—bonus points if you use a reparative formula like these, which are both infused with bond-building keratin proteins.

Hero Product: Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

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