The Best Shampoo for Colored Hair: Our Top Picks

These are our faves for a reason!

In a sea of shampoos for color treated hair, there can only be one option. Ok, maybe a few shampoos that completely do everything you need in one shot. To find the best shampoo for colored hair that works for you, you’ll definitely need to experiment.

Here at All Things Hair, we’ve literally tried them all so you don’t have to and we each have our favorites. Right now, we’re highlighting a few of our best shampoo for colored hair picks. They are all a part of a system that includes everything you need to keep your hair color and hair health in check.

Read on as we give you the lowdown on our top color-treated hair shampoos:

best shampoo for colored hair: green ombre
Keep your hair color vibrant with the right shampoo. Photo credit: Antone Smith

1. Nexxus Color Assure Rebalancing Shampoo

If you don’t know anything about this shampoo it’s time to get familiar. It’s so easy to use in the comfort of your home and has a formula that will help nourish your strands. So, tell your stylist, you’ve got this with the use of this system!

2. Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo

You’ve probably noticed that after coloring your hair and using all of the wrong products, it became dry or lifeless. This is the very reason some prefer not to color their hair at all. They’re afraid that their hair will become completely damaged with no turning back. Color-treated hair doesn’t have to be this way and once you have the right tools in place to prevent damage, dry and dull hair should be the least of your worries. Use this shampoo by Love Beauty and Planet to cleanse and moisturize your hair for a healthy looking gloss while protecting your color-treated strands.

3. TIGI Copyright Custom Care Colour Shampoo

The best shampoo for color treated hair will not only focus on the look of your hair color. It will also be customized specifically for preventing the damage your colored hair may cause. This formula cleanses and nourishes the hair at the same time while helping it become resilient to breakage. Color-treated hair needs nourishment, especially since the hair is weakened during the coloring process. This shampoo is also ideal for any hair type. If you have fine hair and you’re worried about using a shampoo that will weigh your hair down, opt for this weightless formula.

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for the best color safe shampoo or the best shampoo for highlighted hair, ombré, or dip-dyed ends, you’re in the right place. No matter what method of coloring you’ve done to your hair, these shampoo picks are great.

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