How To Do A Man Bun In 5 Steps

Get your hair off your neck and create an amazing man bun.

You’re a dude who beats to his own drum with some awesome long-ish hair to boot. But you’re starting to realize that maintenance is no joke. From your new washing routine to brushing your hair, you might even be starting to feel the pain us ladies have been enduring for years! We’ll let you in a little secret/not-so secret: You can put your hair up in a man bun as another option to style your hair. This look can be worn for the office, a casual weekend or when you play sports. Plus, the ladies will love it! Trust us. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve had several unsuccessful attempts, we’ve got you covered in your path to creating the perfect man bun. Read to learn more about how to do a man bun as you seriously rock your killer style:

how to do a man bun Modern Man Bun
The modern man bun.

Step 1: Wash your strands.

Some dudes love their man buns so much that they wear them for days on end. And after you create your look, you may just become a member of the #nowash club. Start things off fresh by washing and conditioning your long mane. Try Axe White Label Night 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner whose formula can clean your hair as it provides your scalp with an invigorating feeling.

Step 2: Brush your hair.

Most man buns are renowned for their slick-back crown. To start this look, you’ll need to brush your hair, which will also get out any tangles or knots that you may have lurking about.

Step 3: Add in some hair product.

You don’t need much product to create this look. Some serum or a little molding wax like the Bed Head for Men by TIGI Matte Separation Workable Wax to tame frizz and flyways (you know: those annoying, wispy bits of hair around your crown). Make sure you coat the product throughout your hair for an even and concentrated distribution.

Step 4: Pull your hair back.

Hold your hair with both hands as you smooth the strands along the crown. Pull the hair back, using a ponytail or hair elastic as you create a ponytail. The second time around your pony meets, fold your hair underneath your pony and in half. Some guys also like to leave some hair out and have a messier look underneath the bun with a more controlled look on top.

Step 5: Vary the length.

The length really depends on your preferences and style. We’ve seen man buns go really high and low. Whatever length you pick, be ready to be the turn heads wherever you go.

Are you ready to give the man bun a go?