How to Get the Perfect Vintage-Inspired Haircut

Allison Schmidt | 29 December 2016
Vintage-Inspired Haircut

Old school hairstyle tips to inspire your look in 2017.

Is your 2017 hair goal to re-live a long gone era with your hair? We think that’s awesome! Vintage-inspired haircuts are some of our favorites because they have so much history and style at the same time. You may or may not know that a lot of styles that are popular today started off as vintage inspired cuts. Hello, modern lob? We’re looking at you! Read on to learn more about how to score the perfect vintage-inspired haircut.

Getting A Vintage-Inspired Haircut: What To Do First

vintage-inspired haircut pixie
A pixie cut, inspired by the 60s, is a chic look for 2017.

1. Do Your Research

What is it about vintage-inspired haircuts that you totally love? What decades inspire you? The first step to figuring out your best vintage-inspired haircut is to get lots of inspiration! You can look through old family photos or do your search online. We’ve done quite a few articles on popular haircuts through the ages. Take a look at the cuts that were popular in the ’40s, for some old school inspiration. Or maybe look through hairstyles that were popular in the ’70s for that flower power look.

2. Find a Flattering Cut

Whatever era of style is your favorite, you’ll want to find a haircut that looks good on you! It’s basically the whole point, right? The good thing is, most vintage styles look good on just about everyone. Can you imagine someone not looking super cute wearing victory rolls? We certainly can’t. When you’re looking at vintage-inspired haircuts, think about what length you find most flattering on yourself. The 1950’s gamine pixie is super cute but it’s also on the short side for modern pixies. You may then want to look at longer cuts like the 1940s pageboy, or the ’70s shag!

3. Make Your Cut Modern

Did you know that the modern bobs and lobs you see pretty much everywhere were vintage inspired? They have come a whole long way from the original bobs of the 1920s. Bobs in the ’20s were often worn with short, blunt bangs and were almost always curled under. The bobs and lobs we know and love have evolved to be less vintage inspired and more modern. So, take a look at your preferred vintage cut. Is it typically worn with bangs? Try it without the fringe. Have you found it to be mostly worn with pin straight hair? Try it with beachy waves.

4. Vintage-Inspired Styling Tips

If you’re totally into the vintage aesthetic, try styling your current ‘do in a vintage-inspired style. It makes the cutting decision much easier, trust us! Most vintage hairstyles you can do with any modern cut. Take a look at this vintage updo, or this easy glam roll hairstyle. Both of these styles (and so many more) are recreations of vintage looks, but on modern haircuts.

5. Vintage Hair Styling Essentials

When styling your fresh new vintage-inspired haircut, why not use vintage-inspired tools? Look back into the olden days to get inspiration to style your hair then use the tools to get it there. Using a boar bristle brush is great for making those sleek, soft vintage looks, and it’s also super good for your hair. We’re fans of the Nexxus Ibiza Yolles Ceramic Boar Hair Brush. The bristles help to distribute oils (giving you shiny hair) and the barrel helps to achieve the curled under look a lot of ’50s haircuts require.

If you’re more into the va va va voom, volumized look of the late ’50s and early ’60s, get friendly with your hairspray. Use the TRESemmé Tres Two Freeze Hold Hairspray after you finish your hairstyle will ensure that your retro hairstyle lasts all day long.

Need more information on vintage-inspired hair ideas? Check out our favorite hair looks from the ’90s.

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