DIY Prom Hairstyles: 8 Fun and Flirty Looks to Try

Save money this prom by doing your own hair! Get inspired by some of our favorite prom hairstyles that are chic and super easy.

While heading off to the salon for the perfect prom look seems like the standard thing to do, booking an appointment can prove to be quite a costly experience. But while the DIY hair route may seem a bit scary to navigate on your own, it can actually be fun as you control the style that you want for prom, not to mention be a lot less taxing on your wallet. To help you create your own DIY prom hairstyles, we’ve collected eight really fun and flirty styles that will have you rocking the latest prom styles with ease.

8 DIY Prom Hairstyles to Rock This Year

DIY Prom Hairstyles include messy braided updos.
A messy braided updo will keep your onlookers guessing. Photo credit:

1. Messy  Double Braided Updo

We love a good updo for prom, especially since you’re likely going to dancing the night way. To create this out of your face style, you’ll need to create two Dutch braid pigtails that you secure with bobby pins. The beauty of this look is all about its messy pieces where you can pull them out of your pigtails with ease. To master this prom hairstyle, check out our Dutch braid tutorial.

DIY Prom Hairstyles include natural croissant bun styles.
A chignon isn’t too complicated to create on your own at home. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

2. Accessorized Chignon

To up natural hair game, try rolling and tucking your hair into a croissant-style chignon. Get the full details on how to create this look in our festive chignon tutorial. If you find your updo to be a bit blah, play up your look by adding in some floral accessories.

DIY Prom Hairstyles include fishtail bun styles.
Turn your fishtail braid into an elegant bun style.

3. Fishtail Bun

If you are a master braider, you’ll definitely want to try out this elegant fishtail bun for prom. Master the steps in our fishtail bun tutorial as you rock this side style with ease.

DIY Prom Hairstyles include edgy upside down braided styles.
An upside down braid is tough and chic. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Upside Down Braid

Not into girly DIY prom hairstyles? No problem! Especially since there are cool styles out there, like this upside down braid. To get this style, start by flipping your hair upside down and create two (or four!) upside down braids that rest on the back of your head. To complete the look, take the ends of your braids and tie them up into a high ponytail.

DIY Prom Hairstyles include prom crown twist styles.
DIY prom hairstyles can flatter natural hair types easily. Photo credit: Dvora

5. Prom Crown Twist

Suitable for natural hair types, this prom crown twist allows you to show off your texture without subjecting your hair to any damage from heat styling. Get the scoop on how to create this awesome from our crown twist tutorial.

DIY Prom Hairstyles: braided Boho updos
DIY prom hairstyles include braided Bohemian styles. Photo credit:

6. Crown Braid

Or maybe you want more of a crown braided look for prom? Then you’ve got to check out this Bohemian-style crown braid that’s all about its messy strands of hair. Complete this look with a messy updo or a low ponytail and you have yourself one modern no-fuss prom hairstyle.

DIY Prom Hairstyles include half up, half down styles.
Long hair lengths should try out gorgeous flower braid styles. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

7. Celtic Knot-Style Updo

Longer hair lengths should definitely try out this gorgeous celtic knot-style updo. While it make time some time to master, this look is bound to turn heads with its cool collection of mini braided buns.

DIY Prom Hairstyles include bow bun updos.
A bow bun updo takes all of your hair off your face.

8. Bow Bun Updo

Want DIY prom hairstyles that are fun and a bit unpredictable? Then you’ve got to try out this bow bun updo that’s super fashionable and a style that’ll definitely steal the show.

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