Prom Season is Coming, So it’s Time to Start Prepping Your Strands!

Prepping for prom starts waaay before the day of!

Prom season is finally upon us (eek!) and we can’t think of a better time to start pre-prom hair prep. Taking serious care of your hair a month or two before prom will ensure that it’s hydrated, healthy and looking its best on the big day! it’s never too early or too late to start giving your hair the royal treatment it deserves. Check out some of our major pre-prom prep tips and tricks to get your locks ready:

prom prep trim
Getting a trim will give your hair the healthiest look for prom.

Get a Trim

If you’ve been trying to grow your hair out for long, luscious waves for prom and find your locks starting to get ragged, you need a trim. Trims are actually great for length and hair health! Get a light trim about a month or two from prom to get rid of dead ends and give your hair a light lift.

Give Your Conditioner an Extra Boost

Feeling like your hair is permanently dry? Try adding a hydration booster to your conditioner. TIGI Copyright Custom Care Repair Booster can be added to your conditioner to give you 10x more keratin than just using shampoo and conditioner. This will strengthen your strands and keep them protected against future heat styling too.

prom prep hair mask
Get smooth and shiny locks by using a hair mask at 2-3 times a week.

Add a Hair Mask to Your Weekly Routine

Another great option for prepping your hair pre-prom is a hair mask. Hair masks bring back moisture and shine to dull and tired strands. You don’t need to go overboard with this, just a few times a week. If you don’t have a fave, try buying mini samples to figure out what combo works best. We have been loving TRESemmé Botanique Color Vibrance & Shine Intensive Mask, especially when prepping for an event.

Be Kind to Your Strands

One of the most important things to remember is to be kind to your hair before prom. Don’t go bleaching your hair the week before, or wearing tight hair ties and neglecting at least a weekly brushing session. You need to make sure your hair is in the best shape possible! If you are a fan of hot tools and don’t plan on stopping (we get it), do NOT forget heat protectant! Heat protectant will help preserve your hair strength and avoid frizz. TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray is a holy grail product for us at All Things Hair!

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