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Bad Hair Tie Habits: How Hair Ties Can Damage Your Locks

Break these bad hair tie habits for healthier strands!

We all love a good updo and many of us constantly have a hair tie at the ready on our wrists for when we need to chuck our hair up at any given moment. We don’t mean to suggest that hair ties are the enemy because they are not, they help us achieve amazing looks and are very handy. There are some bad hair tie habits that we recommend you avoid or try to lessen on the reg. These tips are here to provide some facts on why hair ties can lead to hair damage, some alternatives, and products that can help repair your hair!

Bad Hair Tie Habits to Avoid

To start, we have to target public enemy number one, the standard elastic hair tie. These are classic hair ties and are the most popular accessory to gather your hair into an updo. It’d be impossible to suggest completely avoiding this bad boys forever, but it’s important to note that they can do some damage so there are some bad hair tie habits you should know about to prevent any damage done to your hair. Use these tips below:

Tight Ponytails

If you are rocking a high ponytail, chances are the elastic is wrapped very tightly around your strands and is causing major damage to your follicles and the root of your strands. Not to mention every time you decide you dislike the style and pull at the elastic to start again, we all know how many strands of hair unintentionally rip out. Side note: it’s also dangerous to wear a tight elastic around your wrist for too long as it can harm your circulation!

bad hair tie habits high ponytail
Tight ponytails can lead to follicle damage.

Our tip: Try to use a scrunchie or a non-elastic tie every once in a while for your high updos to avoid further breakage. When you do go for a tight updo, use some Apothecare Essentials The Mender Hair Oil to repair your hair cuticles and help them bounce back from being pinched all day.

Using a Hair Tie on Wet Strands

If you are someone who gets out of the shower or the pool and can’t stand wet hair, please refrain from putting your hair up! Creating an updo with wet hair and a hair tie leaves your hair even more vulnerable to breakage.

bad hair tie habits wet hair
Resist the urge to put your wet hair up with a hair tie!

Our tip: Either blow dry your hair immediately of try putting it up with a large clip or soft headband. If this is your M.O. then you need a highly reparative shampoo and conditioner duo to help restore your hair’s strength. Love, Beauty and Planet Smooth and Serene Argan Oil & Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner will calm frizz and breakage caused by using a hair tie on wet hair and also give you softness with the argan oil.

Pulling Your Hair Tie Out in One Pull

After a long day of rocking a headache inducing updo, it’s nice to just pull out your hair tie and let your hair fall free. What’s not so nice is when you pull out your hair tie with one pull and losing some hair that got caught between the fibers of the tie. This causes hair to be ripped out, either from the root or midway, causing breakage.

bad hair tie habits taking ponytail out
Unravel your hair tie instead of pulling it out.

Our tip: Even though it’s tempting to just pull your hair tie out quickly, take the time to unwrap your hair tie, twist by twist, to ensure that none of your hair becomes a fatality.

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