Staud’s Perfectly Straight Hair: How to Achieve the Italian Summer Look from NYFW SS22

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All Things Hair closed off New York Fashion Week at the Staud Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show. We went backstage with Lacy Redway to see how she created the gorgeous Italian Summer Breeze hairstyle – perfectly straight hair to go along with every intricate look in Staud’s latest collection.

Check out how celebrity and TRESemmé global hairstylist Lacy Redway created the Italian Summer Breeze Look. This perfectly straight hairstyle is bound to be one of the biggest trends for the upcoming season!

Step One: Start with Your Natural Hair Texture

part one achieving perfectly straight hair
It is best to start with damp natural texture hair. Photo by Nelly Ghansah

Start with your natural hair texture. For best results start with damp hair. Then,  prep strands using TRESemmé Extra Hold Mousse.  Don’t forget to use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protectant Spray from roots to ends to protect your mane while achieving perfectly straight hair.

Step Two: Flatten and Blow-Dry the Hair

flatten and blow dry hair
This step is super important for perfectly straight hair. Photo by Nelly Ghansah

Using a flat four-bristle brush or a wide-tooth comb and blow-dry product through to smooth hair out from roots to ends. This will ensure that there is no elevation at the crown or in the front of your hair. Afterward, blow dry your hair flat. This step is crucial is especially crucial to achieving perfectly straight hair.

Step Three: Part and Section your Hair

section hair for straightening
Part and section your hair for that breezy straight look. Photo by Nelly Ghansah

Part your hair. Then create a deep center part. Continue to blow dry your hair flat while going through this process. Remember to brush away from the face so that hair lives behind the ears for that perfect looking straight look.

Step Four: Straighten Hair with Flat Iron

Flat iron your hair
After all your amazing base work, don’t forget to add final touches to perfectly straighten your hair. Photo by Nelly Ghansah

Once the hair is completely dry, go over the hair with a flat iron to ensure your hair lays flat. and to flatten out any texture. Go over each section’s strand individually. Then, spray head all over using TRESemmé TRES TWO Extra Hold Hair Spray on a flat brush.

Step Five: Secure Perfectly Straight Hair

perfectly straight hair final
Secure your hair until it’s time to shine. Photo by Nelly Ghansah

Secure strands in place with no-crease clips to keep the style looking clean. When it’s showtime remove the crease clips and rock your perfectly straight Italian Summer Breeze hairstyle.

Will you be trying this perfectly straight hairstyle from the Staud Spring/Summer 2022 collection? Then we would love for you to show us your take! Tag us at @AllThingsHairUS for a chance to be featured. Also. be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below for more trend alerts!

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