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Textured Braids: Odile Gilbert Embraces Grungy Texture at Altuzarra SS22

Textured braids that are young, messy, undone, and full of enviable “cool girl” energy; this year’s signature style created by Odile Gilbert for Altuzarra SS22 is everything you need to reenter the NYFW scene (or you know, the office). This wearable style is runway-ready and easy to recreate for those of us watching at home.

How to Create Textured Braids: Altuzarra SS22

Gilbert pulled elements of this look from the beach-like undone textured styles of the summer. Full of grit and effortless energy, this hairstyle succeeds in working for a diverse range of hair types.

Gilbert utilized TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray to create texture on models with straighter hair types before adding the style’s signature braid at the front. Models with shorter strands skipped the braids and went right for the messiness of the textured style while those with natural hair were styled with cornrows.

textured braids Altuzarra
Combine texture and simple braids to create this beautifully undone look.

1. Apply mousse and blow dry.

Start off by combing TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Mousse through your hair before using a blow dryer to rough dry your strands. Because this style depends on an imperfect texture, you can be as rough as you like with the drying and worry about achieving a sleek blowout another day.

2. Start braiding.

Get creative with your style by opting for either one or two braids at the front of your hairline. After parting your hair down the center, create a three-strands braid that starts at the hairline and extend all the way to the ends of your hair. Secure each braid (or just one!) with a clear hair tie so the style blends seamlessly.

There’s something very young here…we want the hair to have that grungy feel.
Odile Gilbert
textured braids Altuzarra
Tailor this look to hair of every length and texture.

3. Finish off with a blast of texture spray.

Finally, spritz your hair with TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray to give your strands that signature undone finish.

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