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How to Transition the Summer Scarf Trend Into the Winter

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It was a summer of beach trips, weekend vacations, days that stretched out longer and longer and many memorable hair trends. The summer scarf trend was a nod to the 50s flirty ponytail finished off with a knotted scarf. We saw silk scarves everywhere from the runway to the beaches, and they were available at every fashion outlet across the country. If you’re anything like us, you aren’t quite ready to pack away your silk scarves until next summer. Here’s how to make the summer scarf trend work for winter weather:

How to Make the Summer Scarf Trend Winter-Ready

scarf trend leopard scarf blonde hair
This look is ideal is for day two or three hair. Photo credit:

A season that calls for layering makes for the coziest outfits and the opportunity to add a sweater here and an extra scarf there. We’re taking this chance to grab the silk scarves we wore all summer long and incorporate them into our layered looks.

You can wear your scarf knotted into a headband or pulled over the top of your head as pictured here. We love using our hair look as a way to include extra textures and patterns into our outfits. A printed scarf adds a whole new element into an otherwise simple outfit.

If you aren’t planning to wear your scarf all day, you’ll want to grab a bottle of dry shampoo to refresh your strands after you remove the scarf. Your hair might feel a little oily after being trapped under fabric for a while but a few sprays of dry shampoo is all it takes to refresh them. We love TRESemmé Fresh & Clean Dry Shampoo. It’s available at the drugstore, does a great job refreshing our hair, and the bottle is narrow enough to stash in our work bags so we can refresh our hair at a moments notice.

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