3 Hairstyles to Wear While Growing Out an Undercut

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Cover up the awkward teen years of your undercut. 

It has been a solid few months since I decided to shave an undercut into my long hair. And in that time I’ve learned that my hair grows much faster than I anticipated, which meant that my fiancé had to shave my undercut pretty much every other weekend. It was a lot to put up with! Which lead to my decision to growing out an undercut before chopping my hair into a lob around the summer. For this in-between stage, I’ve mastered a few hairstyling tips that careful conceal my hair that’s growing out underneath. Read on to check out the top three styles I’ve been wearing while growing out an undercut.

Growing Out an Undercut Gracefully: Three Styles To Wear

growing out an undercut hairstyles to wear dutch braid updo
Careful pinning covers up an overgrown undercut. Photo credit: Allison Schmidt

1. Dutch Braid Updo

All three of these styles are intended to cover the now two-ish inches of grown out undercut that’s at the nape of my neck. This first style is my favorite for days when I’m doing an oily hair mask. I’ll put a little bit of coconut oil, or Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Oil Treatment over the ends of my hair. I then create a part down the center 0f my hair and do a dutch braid pigtail on each side. To cover growing out an undercut, I pin the braids over the nape of my neck. Simple!

growing out an undercut hairstyles to wear the princess roll
The princess roll. Photo credit: Allison Schmidt

2. Princess Roll

For an elegant, ’50s inspired hairstyle, I love the princess roll. Aided by an elastic headband, this hairstyle only takes a few minutes to do. And, it’s particularly great for second or third day hair! I just refresh my roots with a little bit of the Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo. Then I place a headband over my hair, and loop around the ends until I get this pretty rolled look.

growing out an undercut hairstyles to wear the low ponytail
Cover up those baby hairs with a low pony. Photo credit: Allison Schmidt

3. Low Ponytail

For the easiest style of them all, I do love a good low ponytail. To make sure a low pony covers up an undercut, secure the hair tie right below where the undercut ends. Then jazz it up with a hair ribbon! This simple style only takes a minute and is great for lazy hair days.

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23 January 2017