Trend Alert: Jeweled Edges – Here’s How You Can Achieve the Look

Bling your edges out!

Jeweled edges hair is the newest obsession for the natural hair community! If you’re going for an editorial-like look, or want to make your edges look more dressed up, then try adding some gemstones and creating jeweled edges! This style looks especially great when your hair is in an updo or away from your face. 

Want to achieve rhinestone edges? Here is a step-by-step guide for how you can achieve the look on your natural hair in these 5 steps!

1. Lift Hair Away From Face 

braids updo
Pulling your hair up will make it easier to style your edges. Photo by Ussama Azam

Rhinestone edges apply easiest and stay on longer when your hair is out of your face. Also, it helps to highlight the look best. Get your hair out of your face by putting it in half up/half down styles, puffs, ponytails, and/or pulled back braids! Use a styling gel such as Love Beauty and Planet Rice Oil & Angelica Essence Curls and Waves Conditioning and Styling Treatment to help with creating the hairstyle.

2. Dampen Edges and Use A Base 

Hair mousse application
Adding a base helps to make your edges easier to style.

Once you have completed your hairstyle, slightly wet your edges using a small amount of water. This helps to make your edges looser for easier styling. Then, add a styling mousse as a base to soften your edges before styling your jeweled edges.

3. Swoop your Edges

Shaping edges
Swoop your edges using a tool into your desired edges shape

After basing your edges, use an edge control such as Emerge Edge Control along with an edge styling tool or toothbrush to swoop your edges into your desired shape. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get it right on the first try, practice makes perfect when it comes to creating shapes with natural hair edges. Just keep swooping in a circular motion until you get it! 

4. Lay Your Edges 

woman in silk scarf
A silk scarf is a key to long-lasting edges.

Once your edges have been swooped, it is time to lay down your edges. This is the most crucial step before achieving jeweled edges! Use a silk scarf, and wrap it around the front part of your head where your edges have been swooped. The reason why you should use a silk scarf is that it is less likely to pick up products from your swoops and ruin the shapes you have created. Then, if needed use an edge glue spray once removing the scarf to further keep your edges in place. 

Pro Tip: the longer you leave your scarf on the better, especially if you have a coiler hair texture. For the best results with the jeweled edges hairstyle, leave your scarf on for at least 4-5 hours or overnight. 

5.  Add Rhinestones & Create Jeweled Edges

edges with pearls
Voila, you now have gorgeous jeweled edges!

Once you have completed all these steps, the time has finally come to finally make your edges jeweled! To achieve this look grab an adhesive. Then add the glue to the spot on your edges where you want to place the rhinestone (do one spot at a time).

After placing the glue, in a few seconds, place the rhinestones. If you have trouble placing them down with your fingers, use a set of tweezers. Once you’re done adding rhinestones, using a holding spray such as TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray to keep it all together!

Pro Tip: use eyelash glue to apply rhinestones if they are going directly on your face especially if you have sensitive skin. If you will be laying gemstones directly on your hair, then use hair glue for an even firmer hold. 

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