20 Short Hair Highlights We Just Can’t Get Enough Of 

Alyssa François | 07 November 2017

A feast for the eyes.

What’s better than short hair? Short hair with highlights! We’re having the slightest obsession with short hairstyles, from pixies to bobs that have a unique look to them, with the help of highlights. Since we know we can’t be the only ones obsessed with this look we’re sharing some of our top favorite short hair highlights. Scroll through to get inspired:

Short Hair Highlights: 20 Looks We’re Head Over Heels For

short hair highlights: ash blonde pixie
A muted highlight for subtle change.

1. Ash Blonde Highlights

If you’re looking for highlights that have a very muted yet dramatic impact, go for ash blonde tones. We love how the color pops on this short cut.

short hair highlights: asymmetrical blonde
Make your shape standout with a pop of color.

2. Asymmetrical Blonde Highlights

Asymmetrical haircuts stand out on its own but that doesn’t mean you can add something a little extra to make your look the center of attraction. Add a few highlights to update your look.

short hair highlights: auburn curly hair
Bring your curls to life with a hint of color. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Auburn Curls

There’s nothing like giving your curly textured hair an update with a pop of color. A few highlights can add dimension to your look and make your curls pop.

short hair highlights: blonde bo
Full blonde highlights to give your cut an instant refresh.

4. Blonde Bob

Go full-on with short hair highlights to revamp your entire look. We adore the dramatic effect blonde highlights lend to this textured bob.

short hair highlights: blonde fringe
A subtle hint of color.

5. Blonde Fringe

Looking to make a low-key statement on your short crop? A few strips of blonde highlights on your fringe area is all you need.

short hair highlights: blonde lob
Glossy effect against dark hair.

6. Glossy Blonde Bob

Create a high-shine impact with blonde highlights on dark hair. Style your hair with Bed Head by TIGI Blowout Golden Illuminating Shine Cream for a glossy finish.

short hair highlights: blonde ombre
Can’t go wrong with a blonde ombré.

7. Blonde Ombré

Spoiled for choice when it comes to short hair highlights? Keep it simple. You can’t ever go wrong with an ombré dye job.

short hair highlights: pixie blonde
A blend of blonde and light brown.

8. Pixie with Blonde Highlights

A mixture of color creates a more unique and interesting look. Mix tones of blonde and light brown to create dimension on a short and voluminous pixie cut.

short hair highlights: blonde highlights
Lighten up a dark base with fresh short hair highlights.

9. Blonde Highlights Dark Roots

Tired of sporting dark hair? Enlighten your look with a fresh set of blonde highlights.

short hair highlights: blunt bob blonde highlights
Add visual interest to your simple blunt bob. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

10. Blunt Bob with Blonde Highlights

Let’s face it, although a blunt bob is chic, you can easily grow tired of the look. Revamp it with blonde highlights so you’ll never get bored.

short hair highlights: brassy brown
Make a brassy finish work in your favor.

11. Brassy Brown

Sometimes the brassy finish can work in your favor. We love the glistening effect these brassy highlights gives to a dark brown base.

short hair highlights: brown afro highlights
All you need is to add a touch of brown to create dimension.

12. Brown Highlights on Afro

Looking for a new way to style your short and natural hair texture? Add a touch of brown to the ends of your hair to create dimension to your look.

short hair highlights: brown bob
Update your classic bob with brown highlights. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

13. Brown Streaks

How to make your signature bob hairstyle new again? Well, besides getting a fresh trim to maintain the shape, you can also treat yourself to a fresh set of short hair highlights.

short hair highlights: brown pixie
A hint of light brown highlights.

14. Highlights on Brown Pixie

You don’t necessarily have to go all out when it comes to adding highlights to your short hair. A subtle hint of highlights here and there is enough to create a noticeable and stylish update.

short hair highlights: golden highlights
Golden tones to lighten up your look.

15. Golden Highlights

Rose gold, golden brown, or golden brown, take your pick. These golden tones are a surefire way to create a fun and refreshing look on your hair.

short hair highlights: light brown and warm brown hair
Love the contrast of blonde on warm brown hair.

16. Blonde on Chocolate Brown Hair

Having trouble figuring out what colors work best together on warm brown hair? The contrast of blonde against a milk chocolate base creates a dramatic, stylish yet natural looking effect.

short hair highlights: pink pixie
A pop of pink to make your short hair fun.

17. Pink Highlights

The strategic placement of this hair color is key. This is literally a pop of color! Comb your hair down and it’s gone; tease and add volume… whoop, there it is!

short hair highlights: platinum blonder
Sleek pixie with platinum highlights.

18. Platinum Blonde Short Hair Highlights

If you’re looking for short hair highlights with a cross between platinum and blonde, look no further than this look. The ombré effect starts off as a platinum hue and gradually transitions into a yellowish-blonde tint. We’re loving the mod 1960s vibes too!

short hair highlights: rainbow
A spectrum of colors.

19. Rainbow Highlights

In the mood for fun short hair highlights? Give your angled bob a fun twist with every color from the rainbow.

short hair highlights: blonde
Sultry blonde waves. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

20. Wavy Blonde Highlights

Three words that best describe this look: crazy, sexy and cool. The crazy comes from the textured, mussed-up ends; the sexy comes from the sultry blonde highlights; and the cool is simply how chic this hairstyle is.

Loved these looks? We have plenty more where this came from! Take a look at our top favorite copper highlights.