Hot and On-Trend: Textured Waves Tutorial

Get more mileage out of that flat iron.

textured waves tutorial


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What’s fun, quick to master, and perfect for the upcoming warm season? A messy, wavy look, that’s what. Not only has the chunky lob been a super on-trend look since a few seasons past, it’s also a style update you can nail in minutes via our easy textured waves tutorial.

You’ve seen it on celebrities, on the runways and even—especially!—on your favorite style star blogs. This beachy bob that’s styled with uneven, slightly zigzaggy waves is one of the most coveted looks of today. It’s main selling point? The fact that these kinds of curls look both effortless and edgy, without that telltale spiral that suggests of caring too much or spending too much time on your #glam.

Recreate the look by first getting that trendy short cut, then unlearning a few overwrought curling techniques. This highly sustainable, lived-in hairstyle is perfect to sport for the coming summer season, as it acts as the ideal exclamation point to your cute, hot-season outfits, while also giving some traction to the pouf and frizz that might come with the weather.

The key to acing this fashionable wavy hairstyle? Twirling your flat iron in different directions, and prepping beforehand with a texturizing spray. Both help give gravitas to this undone style, while getting you spiffed up and—best yet—out the door in 10 minutes. We also love wearing the look with a diffused middle part, which adds to the whole casual-chic feel. Read on:

Quick and Easy to Master: The Textured Waves Tutorial



Start on clean (or refreshed) hair.

Post-shower hair has that freshly washed body crucial in creating texturized looks. Wash hair with a wave-encouraging system, like TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Shampoo and TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Conditioner, then towel-dry. To do so without risking breakage, first gently blot hair with a towel. You may also proceed to power-dry by wiggling a blowdryer around hair with one hand and rumpling hair with your other hand.

textured waves tutorial starts with clean hair

Apply heat protectant.

A heat protectant, like TRESemmé Get Sleek Heat Protectant Spray, helps prep hair for heat styling and shields it from damage. Since your ends are the oldest parts of your hair, that also makes them the most prone to damage and breakage. Concentrate product at the bottom and massage it upwards, finishing with some spritzes a few centimeters away from the root area to preserve some body up top.

texturized waves tutorial with heat protectant

Curl hair with a flat iron.

Using a flat iron to create bendy, messier waves, curl hair in different directions each time. Starting from one side of your face towards the other, clamp one section in between the tongs, then tug it gently through till you’re left with a spiral. Don’t stress if it isn’t perfect; it shouldn’t be!

texturized waves tutorial using a flat iron

Rough it up.

After curling, run your fingers through your waves to soften your spirals and create a tousled effect.

textured waves tutorial with roughed up curls

Finish with a hairspray.

A spritz of hairspray, like TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray, helps seal in the look without the crunchiness. For secure yet natural-looking control, hold the bottle around 12″ away from your head (or until your arms form a capital letter “L”). Mist all around for an even coating.

texturized waves tutorial hairspray

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