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Home Self Care: Hair Remedies on a Sick Day

Allergy season got the best of you? Up your self-care game to include taking care of your strands too.

As a kid, I remember sick days actually being a pretty good time. There was a lot of TV watching, plenty of orange juice drinking, and, at some point in the day, my mother would usually let me play with her makeup collection. It was basically a dream come true. But the older we get, the less fun sick days become. We’re worried about real-life responsibilities we’re slacking on, and missing out on a day of work isn’t quite as easy to make up as it was in the third grade. Once I’m giving my body some time to recharge, though, I always take some time to try new hair remedies, too. There’s nothing like a hair mask to help lift your spirits and take your mind off your aching body. Keep reading to hear about some of our favorite hair remedies on a sick day, and tuck this away for the next time you’re home and out of commission, or suffering from the springtime sniffles:

3 Hair Remedies on a Sick Day

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Hair remedies on a sick day: There’s a hair remedy here for every step on your road to recovery.

1. When you’re sitting in the bath.

This is the mask for you if you have that bones-aching, nose-running, head-pounding kind of cold. All you can do is sit in the bathtub and soak when you’re feeling this sick. A sweet-smelling mask like the Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask is ideal for times like these. Apply a generous amount to clean, wet hair, then let it sit for as long as you like. The directions suggest three to five minutes, but the longer you keep it in, the softer your hair will be. Catch up on your favorite podcast, or simply relax and let the healing begin.

2. If you have absolutely no energy.

If you’re feeling really sick, chances are you just want to be curled up in your bed underneath your softest blanket with your favorite Netflix show playing. You might not be up for adding an extra five minutes to your beauty routine, and we totally get that. The Nexxus New York Salon Care Humectress Luxe Lightweight Deep Conditioning Mist is ideal for times like these. It does all the same work as a deep conditioner with about 10 seconds of application time. Simply spray it on your damp strands when you get out of the shower and dive straight into bed. Those usual telltale signs that you went to bed with wet hair are a thing of the past once you discover this product. We like to think of it as a blowout in a bottle. It’s that good.

3. To use in the shower the morning you go back to work.

From putting your socks on to making breakfast, everything seems to require 10 times more effort when you’re coming off of a few days spent recuperating in your bed. Adding a pick-me-up to your shower routine the morning you go back to work will help wake you up and keep you energized. The Bed Head by TIGI Reenergize Treatment Mask is one of our favorite choices for keeping your hair in control. It can help calm frizz and add some life back to your strands that haven’t seen the light of day as of late.

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