What’s In My Hair Today: Protective Hair Conditioner (A Must for Bleached Babes!)

Eunice Lucero | 12 March 2017
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Something to renew urban-dwelling hair.

City living has its perks—a whole lot of them, in fact, and most of which unfortunately have nothing to do with your hair’s health and appearance. Environmental aggressors such as UV exposure, dirt, dust and pollution are common issues city-dwellers deal with on the reg, not to mention trying to keep up with all the latest color crazes of the season. I’m pretty Type A about my skincare (I was all about the BB Cream+SPF trend the minute it hit the market), so it’s no surprise that a similar damage-repairing concept for hair, in the form of a protein-rich hair conditioner, has me all abuzz.

How Protective Hair Conditioner Helped Bring My Hair Back from the Dead

Nexxus’ Keraphix line features a unique and highly efficient protein blend called PROTEINFUSION. It’s made with keratin protein and black rice that actually targets damaged areas of hair, to give a salon-quality level of conditioning. With continued use, it helps increase the resilience of your hair and, well, keep it strong enough to withstand those color-processing days.


Bonus: I love the scent and the fact that it was my first line of defense against damage and frizz after bleaching. This little detail with protective hair conditioner was pretty helpful and kind of clutch for me. Going in and out of friends’ air-conditioned apartments has left my strands feeling quite vulnerable to static. I used to employ the age-old dryer sheet trick to keep my hair from floating up in space. Now I don’t have to! While I do miss the freshly-laundered scent my strands got after a vigorous rub, this was no way to live.

The Nexxus Keraphix Line

Keraphix from Nexxus includes a shampoo, conditioner and multiple treatments specially-formulated for stressed and damaged hair. Nexxus Keraphix Damage Healing Conditioner, in particular, helps give a barrier against a congested city environment, and restores a protective barrier to the cuticle, leaving it smoother. The end result is a head of hair that smells and looks fresher at the end of the day. I love how revitalized it feels, with a renewed bounce. Oh, and no frizz! Meaning I can work this range, particularly the protective hair conditioner, throughout the crazy-scorching city summers, worry-free. Hurrah!

Find Nexxus Keraphix Damage Healing Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Reconstructing Treatment and Healing Masque at drugstores and salons or over at nexxus.com.

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