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My Current Blow-Dry Routine for Soft Hair

My fave products for achieving a soft blow-out at home.

After years of trying to achieve a salon-quality blow dry at home, I can proudly say that I’ve finally figured it out. My relationship with a blowdryer has not always been a positive one. I’d always finish drying my hair and be upset to find flyaways, frizz and feel dry and brittle hair. It never shone and it always led me to pull out my straightener to finish the job. After experimenting with a few products and techniques, I have perfected my blow-dry routine! I am ready to share my fave products and how I use them, as I am confident that they are the reason my blow dry game is so strong.

Read on to learn my secrets to the perfect blow-dry:

My Current Blow Dry Routine

1. Allow some air-dry time.

It’s key that once I get out of the shower I allow some air dry time. If you start to put product into super damp hair, it won’t be able to absorb as quickly and you won’t get all the great benefits. I like to wait about 10 minutes before focusing on my strands, so find other things to do to get ready in the meantime!

2. Apply hair oil.

Once my hair isn’t dripping anymore, I put some hair oil throughout my strands. I have been absolutely in love with For Every Hair Type Revitalizing Hair Oil. This oil is a current holy grail of mine for my blow-dry routine. I take about 1.5 pumps, and then evenly distribute it throughout my hair. Once I have enough in my hair, I wait another five-ish minutes to make sure my strands absorb the product.

I love this oil because it takes away all of my frizz and gives my hair a beautiful shine. Even when I just let my hair air-dry I make sure to use this oil to protect my hair and keep it nourished.

3. Use heat protectant.

Right before I blow-dry my hair, I spritz a generous amount of heat protectant all throughout. I have also been loving the heat protectant from the TIGI Copyright line. Dove Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray has also played a huge part in keeping my hair frizz-free, I have yet to notice any serious damage to my hair from using hot tools, and I use one almost every day.

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These steps and products will give you silky smooth strands!

4. Blow-dry.

While blow-drying my hair, I like to start off just using my hands and pointing the dryer quickly at all of my hair. This gives it a “base” dry. Once it’s 60 percent dry, I go in with a round brush and focus on specific sections. I don’t like to completely dry out my strands. Once they feel 90 percent there, I stop and let the rest air-dry.

5. Add More Volume

Since I’ve used a hair oil and heat protectant thatgivese me such a smooth finish, I go in with some dry shampoo afterwards. This brings the volume back into my hair and gives it some texture that you can’t normally achieve with clean hair. My go-to for my blow-dry routine is Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo.

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