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Long Weekend Beauty: Your Hair Care Schedule for an Extended Weekend

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Don’t you just love when you take a peek at your calendar during what feels like a super long and tedious week, only to realize that the weekend ahead is extended due to a holiday? Yup, us too! We love taking advantage of the slow weekend to squeeze in some relaxation time and to pamper ourselves, hair included. And since these days, going out for a professional hair session is out of the question so having a long weekend means you have more than enough time to do the self-care game all on your own.

We’ve gathered a simple long weekend beauty schedule for you. Use our guide to maximize your holiday weekend and give your hair the treatment it deserves:

Long Weekend Beauty At Home: Hair Schedule for Your Holiday

On Friday nights, give yourself a break! Use this time to take care of any quick errands you may have, then kick back and think about what hairstyles you want to try for the upcoming week. Go on Instagram, Pinterest or your favorite blogs. There are so many hairstyle ideas from the runways and the street style set that you can choose from.

Saturday give yourself permission to have fun; don’t worry too much about your hair, but do make sure to use hair products that will give you the best looking hair. Have a blowout that’s still holding on strong? Spritz a little dry shampoo, like TRESemmé Clean Pro Pure Dry Shampoo,  at your roots to absorb any excess oil or prevent any oil from creeping up on you (No one wants to be at brunch with lifeless hair!). When you get home, finalize your hairstyle idea and think about what treatments you may need to do. If you realize you’re out of a deep conditioner that you desperately need, go out and get it in preparation for #SelfCareSunday.

Sunday is the day to give yourself an at-home spa treatment and take care of yourself from head to toe. Grab all of your hair tools together and get to work! To maximize your time, think about multi-tasking. While you deep condition or do a scalp detox (our latest jam: Nexxus Scalp Inergy Gentle Exfoliating Scalp Scrub) you can read a book, binge a series, do any last-minute laundry and paint your toes (but not your nails just yet, since you’ll be needing your hands to rinse your conditioner out!). After washing your hair, it’s time to try the hairstyle you’ve decided on. If you still find yourself in a bind, we can definitely help you out: How about one of these styles we love, or how about wearing the best hairstyles to match the accessories you plan to wear once this lockdown is over?

long weekend beauty: hairstyles and hat accessory
The beret is back this season. Use the long weekend to prep your hair for all of your fave fall accessories. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Monday is Sunday all over again, but not really. You won’t be doing your hair, but you can treat the day like a bonus day off. Kick back, relax and get mentally prepared for the week ahead—and don’t worry, it’s a short one.

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