How to Dye Dark Hair Blonde

Safety first! Go light without damaging your locks.

Going blonde is one of the most common transformations we face during this time of the year. There’s nothing like a head of sun-streaked strands to evoke the beachy, cheery vibes! For the sultry brunettes out there looking to lighten up and change their original shade, there are several tips to coloring your hair that will not only ensure a proper result, but produce less damage as well. A lot of people wonder how to dye dark hair blonde without wreaking that much havoc on their locks, and we’re here to help take you through this fun phase in your life, lengths intact.

How to Dye Dark Hair Blonde

how to dye dark hair blonde in the summer
Yes, it will have to be gradual… if you want to keep your strands healthy-looking, that is. Photo credit:

1. Seek help from a professional. 

If this is the first time you’re going blonde, it’s strongly recommended that you go to a salon or a professional stylist. At-home blonde box dyes may be cheaper than booking an appointment at that celeb jaunt, but the risk of botching up your dye job increases exponentially if you’ve never done it before. More so if you’re working with hair that’s already been previously colored—results can be very unpredictable.

2. Do your research.

Search for salons in your price range, ask friends, follow the salon and their stylists on Instagram and Pinterest, anything. Put those renowned ex-girlfriend stalking skills to good use, and check out their social media accounts to get a feel of their specialties and trademark techniques. You can get an idea of their client profiles as well, and maybe even peg some with a similar coloring to yours, so you already have a familiar reference point. Screenshot and bookmark to your heart’s content.

3. Speak in layman’s terms.

Or better yet, show photos. Stylists are visual creatures, and you’ll have a better chance of getting your point across with one picture rather just than dropping phrases like “level 10 platinum” or “flaxen balayage with rose gold tips.” Even if you’re positive you got the terminology down, better to describe the look you want, e.g. “I need something ashy because anything too yellow washes me out,” and supplement with screenshots.

4. Prepare to make that investment.

Any good color job worth raving about will ~probably~ run you in the triple digits. But seeing as you wear your hair every single day, it’s pretty much the best cost-per-wear return you’ll ever have. It’s not just about the money either: Prepare to set aside at least half a day for your color appointment. A couple of hours can turn into six, depending on whether you’ve got virgin or processed hair.

5. Don’t wash.

Keep those natural oils the day you come in, and your stylist will nod in appreciation. The sebum will actually protect your scalp from stinging when bleach is applied to your tresses.

6. Be realistic.

If your stylist suggests that you would look better in a shade slightly different from what you set out for, keep an open mind: He or she is taking into account your existing color and how it will affect your new shade—something we can’t usually envision on our own. If you have really dark hair and want to go very light or even platinum, be prepared for more than one visit. Don’t force it in one go, as that level of severe bleaching can traumatize your locks and cause damage.

7. Don’t panic.

We had to mention it, because, hey, we’ve been there. Brunettes or redheads, especially those who’ve never seen themselves with blonde hair, may have some apprehensions (or a baby bug-out) while they’re sitting there as the color develops. Trust that you’re in good hands and the end result looks nothing like that goopy purple mess on your head right now.

8. Be patient.

Going blonde at a salon is a back-and-forth dance of lather, rinse, repeat. Your stylist might also have to do some toning or apply a conditioning treatment directly in the sink after your rinse, so be prepared to wait things out.

9. Aftercare is CRUCIAL.

Now that you’re a brand spankin’ new blonde, ask your stylist for suggestions about the best at-home products to protect, enhance and prolong your new hue. Make a note of what to look for: Color-safe systems like TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo and TRESemmé Color Revitalize Conditioner can help keep your new hue vibrant for up to eight weeks (and give freshly bleached locks major TLC). A toning shampoo like Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Shampoo is also a good weekly or bi-weekly step, as it can help neutralize any brassiness which we usually get from hard water, chlorine, the beach or even UV exposure. And don’t forget that deep conditioning treatment! Bottle blondes have tresses that have been put through its paces, so restorative, nourishing masks (we like the non-greasy yet potent formula of Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Mask) should be a welcome treat, as these can help give back that healthy-looking feel to your locks.

Also, let your color set for 72 hours before washing it, and don’t shampoo as frequently thereafter—some might want to try to pick up a co-washing routine with a cleansing conditioner too. Get your stylist’s opinion and be open about your lifestyle and current hair care routine as well.

Blonde Hair Inspo to Show Your Stylist

how to dye dark hair blonde caramel blonde
Caramel blonde is a unique shade you need to try. Photo credit:

1. Caramel Blonde

Hints of spice warm up a regular blonde ‘do.

how to dye dark hair blonde white blonde
White blonde with dark roots always turns heads. Photo credit:

2. White Blonde with Dark Roots

Be pretty in punk with this edgy take.

how to dye dark hair blonde light blonde
This light blonde color is fierce! Photo credit:

3. Ashy Blonde

This cool wheat blonde is all the rage.

how to dye dark hair blonde golden blonde
Make it romantic with a golden bronde color. Photo credit:

4. Bronde

A bronde balayage effect is universally flattering.

how to dye dark hair blonde bob with beret
We love heavier yellow tones in this blonde color! Photo credit:

5. Corn Blonde

A fun true yellow blonde is both chic and quirky.

how to dye dark hair blonde on top
Hit the top of your style with your blonde color. Photo credit:

6. Rooty

Hack your way between salon visits with a color that’s lower maintenance.

how to dye dark hair blonde
Go for a pale shade of blonde for a dramatic style. Photo credit:

7. Low-Key Platinum

You know you want to! Keep the tiniest bit of root for more leeway.

Congrats, blondie, and hello from the lighter side!

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